“I Can’t Breathe” — Criminal Negligence by Knoxville Tennessee Police Kills an Elderly Woman

Lisa Edwards

The following is so shocking and horrific I am compelled to do my part to spread the word. The attached video shows Knoxville Tennessee police mistreating an obese, elderly woman. What was done to her is inhuman and cannot be attributed to the actions of just one misguided cop. This is a cultural problem in the Knoxville Police Department. Not a single officer intervened to help her — and there were at least five involved. This was not racial. There were black and white officers involved and not one shred of compassion among them. Heartless bastards! Some even laughed at the poor woman.

I think this is far worse than the death of George Floyd. Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose and the police handled him according to their training. I am not saying I endorse that training but I firmly believe you cannot teach police to use certain techniques, e.g. knee on neck restraint, and then turn around and prosecute cops for doing what they were taught. Change the damn training.

I am posting two videos. They provide terribly disturbing images of complete disregard for life of Lisa Edwards.

The hospital, the doctor who released her and the police are liable in my view and I hope a tenacious attorney steps up to get her family some justice.


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