HUGE: Arizona House Joins Senate in Passing Resolution to Ban Foreign Voting Machines and Require Source Code, Ballot Images, Chain of Custody Documents, and Log Files to Be Made Public

SCR1037 House Vote

The Arizona House voted yesterday to pass Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements for the use of electronic voting machines in the state and banning the use of some.

The resolution passed in the Arizona Senate on March 6 by a vote of 16-13.

On Thursday, March 30, The Arizona House joined the Senate and voted 31-27 in favor.

This resolution will bypass the Governor and go directly to the Secretary of State’s office. If the Secretary of State and Arizona Counties do not comply with this new rule, the Legislature can and likely will sue.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, chaired by State Senator Wendy Rogers, passed the amended resolution introduced by State Senator Anthony Kern.

State Senator Sonny Borrelli’s strike everything amendment set official requirements for the voting machines to ensure all levels of production occur in the United States, source code is made publicly available, and directing the Secretary of State to post ballot images, chain of custody documents, and log files on their website within 24 hours after polls close.

It states:

Page 1, strike everything after the resolving clause and insert:

“That no voting system or component or subcomponent of a voting system or component, including firmware software or hardware, assemblies and subassemblies with integrated circuits or on which any firmware or software operates, may be used or purchased as the primary method for casting, recording and tabulating ballots used in any election held in this state for federal office unless:

1. All components have been designed, manufactured, integrated and assembled in the United States from trusted suppliers, using trusted processes accredited by the Defense Microelectronics Activity as prescribed by the United States Department of Defense; and

2. The source code used in any computerized voting machine for federal elections is made available to the public; and

3. The ballot images and system log files from each tabulator are recorded on a secure write-once, read-many media with clear chain of custody and posted on the Secretary of State’s website free of charge to the public within twenty-four hours after the close of the polls; and

4. The legislature transmits this resolution to the secretary of state.”

Read the full resolution here.

The House Bill Summary states, “the Secretary of State is charged with appointing a committee to investigate and test the various types of vote tabulating machines. The committee submits its recommendations to the Secretary of State who will then decide the make or model to be certified for use in the state.”

Following its passage in the Elections Committee, Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted,

SCR 1037 is AZ legislature resolved to reclaim its plenary power to oversee FEDERAL elections per the US Constitution, irrespective of governor.

Katie Hobbs cannot veto this legislation as she has done with an overwhelming majority of the bills sent to her desk.

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on this strong election integrity measure.


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