HOT MIC Catches Handler Telling Biden How to Walk and Where to Stand: “Yes… Down the Ramp…Your Mark is Gonna be the Blue One” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit a semiconductor plant.

Biden needed guidance as soon as he arrived to the plant.

A handler was caught on a hot mic giving Biden basic instructions on how to walk and where to stand.

“Yes, sir, down the ramp…your mark is gonna be the blue one to the left. You got a blue mark,” the guide told Biden.

“I’ll stay in my blue mark,” Biden said.


Biden discussed his ‘Investing in America’ agenda and lied about the state of the economy.

Joe Biden said is economic “plan” is working – Americans are worse off today than before Biden was sworn into office.

If Biden’s plan is to bring greater human misery then it surely is working.

Joe Biden also attacked the Second Amendment (again) during his remarks at the North Carolina plant…and mumbled something about a flamethrower.

“Everybody thinks somehow the Second Amendment is absolute. You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon. You’re not allowed to own a machine gun. You’re not allowed to own a flamethrower. [..] Why in God’s name do we allow these weapons of war on our streets?” Biden said.



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