HORROR: Violent Tornadoes Tear Through Mississippi, Killing At Least 26 People – Local Meteorologist Prayed on TV as a Tornado Approached (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Credit: Vince Waelti @VinceWaelti

Absolute devastation unfolded Friday when a tornadoes swept through Mississippi Friday night, killing at least 26 people and leaving dozens more wounded.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said that search and rescue teams have been deployed to assist victims impacted by the storms. They also warned that the current total of fatalities would likely rise.

Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to change.

As reported by ABC News, the reported known fatalities occurred in Sharkey, Humphreys, Carroll, and Monroe counties. 13 people perished in Sharkey County alone.

Mississippi Republican Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency Saturday to all counties affected by the storms and vowed to utilize every resource to help those in need.

WTVA chief meteorologist Matt Laubhan warned residents of Amory, Mississippi and prayed live on air Friday night as a tornado approached.

Oh man, it’s coming…Dear Jesus, please help them.

The National Weather Service reported that one massive tornado was reported near the area of Silver City and Rolling Fork around 8:50 Central Time. The network issued an emergency alert with the following words: “To protect your life, TAKE COVER NOW!”

Rolling Fork and Silver City reported severe damage. Here are photos of the devastation in Rolling Fork.

Here is Silver City after the tornado.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the damage in Rolling Fork was so massive that multiple storm chasers pleaded for search and rescue help immediately. More abandoned the storm chase to drive injured people to the hospitals themselves.

One storm chaser, Zachary Hall, managed to capture ominous footage of the tornado in Rolling Fork and vowed he would never forget what he experienced.

One resident of Rolling Fork, Wonder Bolden, stood outside her mother’s destroyed mobile home and told the AP there was nothing left of the town.

There’s nothing left. There’s just the breeze that’s running, going through — just nothing.

Royce Steed, the emergency manager in Humphreys County, where Silver City is located, said the damage to the town was so severe it was all but gone.

It is almost complete devastation. This little old town, I don’t know what the population is, it is more or less wiped off the map.

Joe Biden expressed his condolences and pledged his full support to the people of Mississippi.


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