HORRIFYING: Autistic Boy is Dragged Off NYC Subway and Brutally Beaten By Three People (VIDEO)

Washington Heights, Manhattan- A 15-year-old boy with special needs was brutally beaten Friday during the rush hour commute in Manhattan.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the incident occurred off a northbound A train at the 181st Street-Fort Washington Avenue around 5:30 P.M.

Video footage posted to social media shows a teen girl in a basketball sweatshirt dragging the boy off the train by his sweater. She yells “get off” and shoves him down the platform while screaming “Walk!”


The boy then tries to get back on the train but the girl overpowers him. Another individual shows up and sucker-punches the boy.

More individuals jump in and start pounding the helpless boy.

One bystander can be heard screaming “fight back” as the special needs child is getting assaulted.

No one in the crowd lifts a finger to help the teen. Instead, they film the entire incident on their phones.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) says the victim was hit repeatedly in his head and face. The latter caused a laceration to his lip.

The mother of the special needs child told ABC 7 NY she will not view the video.

I refuse to watch that video. Nobody wants to see their kid being assaulted.

The mom explained that she knew her son left for the evening but was surprised when she received a call that he was in the hospital.

She says her son needs stitches but is more concerned about his mental health at the moment. The motive behind the vicious assault remains unknown.

Police are looking for two females and one male. NYPD Hate Crimes is also investigating the attack due to the victim’s assailants hurling anti-Black slurs.


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