Germany’s AfD Party on Nord Stream Attack: “If Seymour Hersh is Correct, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Committed Treason and Must Resign”

Tino Chrupalla, co-chair of the Alternative for Germany (AfD)


The head of Germany‘s right-wing opposition party Alternative for Germany Tino Chrupalla has called for Chancellor Olaf Scholz to resign if charges Scholz and Joe Biden conspired to cover up the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage are true, as investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has charged in his latest bombshell.

In yesterday’s Substack report, Hersh quotes anonymous intel sources, claiming that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and White House Resident Joe Biden discussed how to cover up US responsibility for the Nord Stream attack on March 3 in the White House.

“I was told by someone with access to diplomatic intelligence that there was a discussion of the pipeline exposé and, as a result, certain elements in the Central Intelligence Agency were asked to prepare a cover story in collaboration with German intelligence that would provide the American and German press with an alternative version for the destruction of Nord Stream 2”, Hersh wrote.

Whether or not Chancellor Scholz was alerted to the attack, he has “clearly been complicit since last fall in support of the Biden Administration’s cover-up of its operation in the Baltic Sea”, Hersh wrote.

“The allegations by Pulitzer Prize winner Hersh are serious”, AfD head Tino Chrupalla said. “If they are correct, the Chancellor bears responsibility for covering up an attack on vital and valuable German infrastructure. And he would have abused the power of the German government to commit an act of treason. This begs the question: Did he know about the planning and execution of the crime? In order to clarify these questions, we call for an investigation involving all European partners. If Chancellor Scholz was somehow involved in the Nord Stream attack, he must resign.”

The right-wing AfD has submitted a peace plan to end the war in Ukraine and is currently surging in the polls, passing the ruling Green party, which has abandoned its roots in the peace movement to vocally support the Ukraine war.

Last week, March 15, the AfD moved to convene a parliamentary inquiry on the Nord Stream attack in the Bundestag, which was passed into committee for further deliberation.


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