Georgia Lawmaker is Lead-Sponsor on Bill That Could Greatly Benefit His Own Personal Patents and Company

A recent publication by an independent researcher has shed light on a potential conflict of interest involving a bill set to be voted on in the Georgia legislature.  The bill in question is HB520, which would “establish a grant program” that would help reduce recidivism by “pairing individualds wiht community resources to assist them in becoming self-sufficient.”

According to Hank Sullivan’s substack:

“…in HB520 Jones has not only created several classes among the mentally ill who could be forced to use his product and services to remain out of a state or local facilities, but once contracted with the state, Jones’ legislation also authorizes the taxpayers of Georgia to fund the product’s purchase for statewide programs, and authorizes a grant program for local users to purchase contracted monitoring equipment and services.  Furthermore, in HB520 Jones has given monitoring entities blanket civil and criminal immunity.”

Rep. Jones is one of three patent holders on the products that would likely be used for any monitoring that ensued from the passage of Georgia’s HB520, which would give immunity from “liability, civil or criminal, that might otherwise be incurred or imposed, for the performance of any functions or duties under the contract if performed in accordance with the terms of such contract.

In addition to being one of the patent holders of the product and technology, Rep. Jones introduced himself as the “Chairman” and “one of the co-founders” of Talitrix, the company that is selling the wrist-watch style monitoring device, among other monitoring products, as an alternative to the clunky ankle monitors, during testimony to the Tennessee legislature in 2022.  The pair below mention the effectiveness of their product in comparison to the outdated ankle monitors that often, inconveniently, require up to 45 minutes worth of charging sometimes twice a day.


Disturbingly, The Georgia Record has pointed out that one the devices utilized by Talitrix claims the device can be used for “pandemic control,” a scary concept given what US citizens had to fight against after the 2020/2021 lockdowns.

Sullivan notes that the contracted company through HB520 would stand to make millions each year, benefiting the company Jones founded via the legislation he was the lead-sponsor on.  The contracted company would seemingly be Talitrix, given that, in addition to Jones’s personal stake in the company, they have also recently merged with one of the other “largest monitoring companies in Georgia to create an unparalleled partnership.”

According to Sullivan, there doesn’t appear to be any violation of the law, however, it is a glaring conflict of interest, which would be a violation of ethical conduct by an elected official.

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