EXCLUSIVE: You Thought Dominion Had Issues – The Latest Election Technology Is Absolutely Frightening

Election voting system technology is advancing to a frightening place.

After the 2020 Election, investigators discovered electronic voting machine systems are being used in the US in almost all jurisdictions.   This was not well known by anyone other than those involved in the electronic voting system industry.

Dominion and ESS were highlighted as the companies that ran these systems.  The Gateway Pundit discovered that these voting systems had numerous issues.   A professor in Michigan sounded the alarm about these machines leading up to the 2020 Election.

Professor J. Alex Halderman investigated the election machines in Georgia after the 2020 Election and produced a report.  This report has been kept under seal by a very corrupt Obama judge, Amy Totenberg.  It is still under seal to this day.  Under pressure, CISA released a statement on Halderman’s report that showed that there are material issues with election systems where bad actors could if given the opportunity, “fix election results.”

Two Radical Obama-Appointed Judges Rule in Favor of Stacey Abrams in Her Attempt to Steal Election

Yesterday, TGP reported on another system that is in use in multiple states that is connected to the Internet, uncertified and can be accessed by numerous government and outside entities.

EXCLUSIVE: ELECTION SYSTEM DISCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies and Outside Entities

As we reported yesterday:

According to the BPro website, TotalVote is a “centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate, and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system.” (emphasis added).

TotalVote has no Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certifications whatsoever. Meaning it does not comply with the Help America Vote Act and it has never been tested by any accredited third party. However, as previously established, it is certainly touching parts of the election that require certification.

We’ve learned that BPro was purchased by a company by the name of Knowink.  This firm is headquartered in St. Louis and was founded by Scott Leiendecker.

Knowink team former election officials Scott Leiendecker

Knowink says about Leindecker:

An expert in elections, Leiendecker previously served as Election Director for the City of St. Louis becoming the youngest Election Director to serve St. Louis in this leadership role where he managed an average $2.5 million annual budget and 25 full-time employees.

As Election Director, Leiendecker implemented the Help America Vote Act in St. Louis City and transformed the Election Board with a series of reforms that replaced outdated and outmoded systems with efficiencies to protect voters and taxpayers. These reforms earned him the praise of the St. Louis City Mayor and Board of Alderman for his leadership for helping restore the public trust in the election process. He was also honored with resolutions by the Missouri House and Senate for his commitment to fair and transparent elections.

What this means is that Leiendecker oversaw the notoriously corrupt St. Louis election process.  St. Louis politicians are committed far-left Democrats and have been for over 50 years.  These are the people running the city into the ground.  The fact that Leiendecker was praised by these individuals is not a good thing, it indicates the opposite.

The St. Louis elections are not trusted by citizens in the state of Missouri.  For example, radical US Rep. and BLM squad member Cori Bush is from the St. Louis metro area.  St. Louis elections are considered corrupt like most big-city elections in the US today.

Knowink advertises BPro’s TotalVote on its website.

TotalVote is a centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system. Rather than transferring data from system to system and dealing with compatibility issues, election officials are able to log into one system and work on any aspect of the election process.

TotalVote includes:

Voter Registration – The TotalVote® Voter Registration System is currently used to help streamline the voter registration process for state and county election officials.

Election Management – The Election Management module within TotalVote® provides all election functions in a single, unified manner for ALL elections including statewide primary, special and general elections plus local elections.

Election Night Reporting – Voters, candidates and the news media all want fast, accurate results on Election Night. TotalVote can help you deliver Election Night Reporting results that are easy for the public to understand and available to anyone, anywhere, on most devices.

Online Voter Registration – TotalVote’s online voter registration system is a quick and straightforward process for the voter, who is guided through a smooth step-by-step interface.

Voter Information Portal – The TotalVote® Voter Information Portal (VIP) ensures voters are informed, educated and prepared for Election Day.

Campaign Finance – With TotalVote® Campaign Finance system, political parties, candidates, organizations, and the general public benefit from useful tools for filing and viewing campaign finance information.

Petition Management – The Petition Management Tool within TotalVote® provides a simple system to manage the complex petition process and has many built-in options that accommodate the various laws and processes each state and locality has for filing petitions.

Electronic Ballot Delivery – While the system was initially designed for voters living and serving overseas, our Electronic Ballot Delivery system can now be a valuable resource for voters with disabilities who can vote by mail, independently and privately, using our technology.

TotalAddress – TotalAddress is a standalone software product that can integrate with any existing voter registration system and can connect to any County or State system, such as tax and land records to provide GIS-based address management.

Knowink says that Leiendecker implemented the Help America Vote Act in St. Louis City.  Yet TotalVote has no Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certifications whatsoever. This means it does not comply with the Help America Vote Act and it has never been tested by any accredited third party.

What are the odds that the other systems created by Knowlink are not EAC certified as well?  This needs to be investigated.

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