EXCLUSIVE: O’Keefe Media Group’s Upcoming Exposé Will Confirm Financial Fraud Scheme Previously Uncovered By The Gateway Pundit

James O’Keefe’s new O’Keefe Media Group is expected to start dropping its investigation into the Democratic Party’s nationwide crime ring of donation harvesting and possible money laundering today.

The videos are expected to rock the world.

On Monday, The Gateway Pundit reported on the legendary journalist’s teaser video from his next MASSIVE INVESTIGATION of the Democrats’ VAST NETWORK of donation harvesters.

EXCLUSIVE: “Campaign Finance Mules” Identified in Georgia Senate Race – Democrat Raphael Warnock Received Over $24 Million from Hundreds of UNEMPLOYED Donors Giving Over 358,000 Donations


The first part of O’Keefe Media Group’s investigation is expected to drop later today! This may be BIGGER THAN ACORN! 

O’Keefe Media Group Communications Director RC Maxwell told The Gateway Pundit,

Maxwell: The previous mission was to get dozens of journalists across the country exposing stuff. The mission now is to get hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who are willing to do this because what we’ve seen is that people are willing to do this. So, the mission is to get them cameras. Not only that, but also the tools to actually engage in journalism, teach them the right questions to ask, teach them the right legal rules to follow, and teach them the right journalism ethics, because I think that citizen journalists time and time again have proven to have better ethics than the corporate press who are sometimes delving into people’s personal lives, who are sometimes delving into non-newsworthy things and misconstruing them. We want these citizens journalists to be equipped to not opine, to just report the facts. And one way to do that is obviously to record those interactions because recording, in my estimation, is better than note taking.

“The vision is to enlist a citizen journalism army,” Maxwell continued.

Peter Bernegger of Election Watch Incorporated told The Gateway Pundit, the investigation is set to show potential illegal money laundering connected to activist group GMMB, the Obama Foundation, Actblue, progressive abortion group Emily’s list, Mark Zuckerberg’s CTCL, the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), and FTX. This information is based on federal and state campaign finance data over a seven-year period.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on money laundering through Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX and the unknown amount of money laundered through the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange for Democratic politicians.

FTX Is Asking for Money Sent to Political Donors to Be Returned – But the Real Amount of Money Laundered to Politicians is Still Unknown

And the election interference through CTCL and ERIC…

DIRECT HIT: Special Counsel Michael Gableman Cites Gateway Pundit’s Exclusive ERIC Investigation in Election Fraud Probe (VIDEO)


According to Bernegger, Election Watch Incorporated has partnered with O’Keefe and private investigators to reveal over eight months of research into this scheme.

Bernegger told The Gateway Pundit, “It looks like this is the largest money laundering scam in the history of the country.” It involves only extreme liberal candidates and no independents or moderates, said Bernegger.

Some of the names provided to The Gateway Pundit were Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona, Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Congressman Troy Carter of Louisiana, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, and current Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on the vast far-left network of donation harvesters used in the Georgia Senate race. Legacy fake news media ignored these HUGE stories, but they will likely be confirmed, not only in Georgia, by James O’Keefe and his team!

EXCLUSIVE: “Campaign Finance Mules” Identified in Georgia Senate Race – Democrat Raphael Warnock Received Over $24 Million from Hundreds of UNEMPLOYED Donors Giving Over 358,000 Donations

This is going to be HUGE!

Watch the teaser video below:

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