EXCLUSIVE: Meg Reiss’s Twitter Account Exposed – Alvin Bragg’s Chief Assistant District Attorney Who Is Allegedly Running the Office – Is a Raging Trump-Hater and Not Shy About It

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in the month that Deputy New York City DA Meg Reiss may be behind the latest legal assault on President Trump.

Former NYPD officer and political pundit John Cardillo posted a string of tweets suggesting current Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg isn’t “smart enough” to orchestrate an indictment against Trump but rather Soros-connected Deputy DA Meg Reiss is the one pushing for Trump to be indicted.

Cardillo’s statements come after he obtained intel from his New York Law Enforcement sources.

The former NYPD officer’s statements hold weight, because after investigating Reiss’ Twitter account it does appear she has a deep disdain towards President Trump.

A deep dive into Reiss’ Twitter page reveals she liked several anti-Trump tweets throughout the last few years.

The tweets she liked called for Americans to “Dump Trump” and “drive out everything he (Trump) represents.”

Other tweets she liked stated “we need to send Donald Trump packing”, and “Trump is a bad person.”


There’s More:

On Reiss’ home page it states she joined Twitter in 2016.

And it continues to read “Chief Assistant Manhattan DAs office. Views are my own.”

Biography.com which is a site that writes brief biographies about notable people has provided a link to Reiss’ Twitter account under its social media section.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s official Twitter which only follows New York officials and other notable people follows @MegGReiss.  So it appears the account is legit.


Her account has also been tagged in tweets by both of her previous employers which brings legitimacy to the account.

The Institute for Innovation in Prosecution(IIP) which is a research center out of the Soros-funded John Jay College has tagged her dozens of times.

Reiss served as the Executive Director for the IIP.

DA of Brooklyn Eric Gonzalez also tagged Reiss, who previously served in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office as the Chief of Social Justice, on several occasions too:

Most of these tweets Reiss liked were while she served in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office as the Chief of Social Justice and as she served as the director of the IIP.

However, her political bias extends into her time at the Manhattan DA’s office as well.

Earlier in the year as she was serving as Manhattan’s Chief Assistant District Attorney she retweeted a video of Democrat representative Hakeem Jeffries giving a speech at the State of the Union.

At one point during the video Reiss shared, Rep. Jeffries says Democrats will put “Maturity over Mar-a-Lago”.

This kind of Twitter activity shows that the Chief Assistant DA in the Manhattan DA’s office is not objective or independent but is a political hack.  Now we see how this garbage case against President Trump made the headlines.  Reiss should not be working at any DA’s office in the country.


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