Empire State Shilling: Manhattan DA’s Office is Exporting Prosecutors for Jan 6 Cases —MORE POLITICAL TROPHY HUNTING


The same Manhattan DA’s office threatening to upend the republic this week with a bogus indictment of President Trump is exporting activists to prosecute the January 6 defendants in Washington DC.

Carolina Nevin —a backbencher from Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan District Attorney’s office —has been exclusively prosecuting J6 defendants since arriving at the US Attorney’s office in September 2022. (Her only publicity after nine years in New York came from prosecuting NYPD officers while violent crime surged in the city.)

Nevin’s true tutelage was under former Manhattan DA Cy Vance, whose controversy-plagued office made a reputation of giving a pass to the rich and famous —downplaying Jeffrey Epstein’s well-documented depravity, and sweeping Harvey Weinstein rape claims under the rug after receiving more than $20,000 in campaign donations from Weinstein’s defense attorneys, among other scandals.

Carolina Nevin, formerly an Assistant District Attorney from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office; currently an Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia exclusively prosecuting Jan 6 cases.


Even more prescient, Nevin’s training at the Manhattan DA’s office was overindulgent in the selective prosecution of Trump and associates —while felony prosecutions dwindled, low-level charges near disappeared, and crime in the city blossomed like a summer Magnolia since her start there in 2013.

In what could easily describe Nevin’s prosecutorial playbook against everyday Trump supporters in real-time today, constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explains the Manhattan DA’s eyebrow-raising case against Paul Manafort in 2019 (one of many Trump allies who were hunted by Vance’s office, which took Donald Trump to the Supreme Court on two occasions while dismissing riot-related felonies amid widespread unrest).

In an article titled “New York prosecutors throw out Constitution to charge Manafort” Turley wrote:

It is not his crimes but his association with President Trump that has driven the manic effort to charge him in New York. In this currentage of rage over Trump, Manafort is a readily available surrogate for selective prosecution.

When I read the complaint against Manafort, I was struck not only by the overlap but the overkill.

[Manhattan DA Vance]… fed a public appetite for selective state prosecution that will only become insatiable if successful.

Paul Manafort arriving in New York in handcuffs on outrageous “mortgage fraud” charges that reek of selective and vindictive prosecution by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance.


Boy, was he right.

Straight from Vance’s Manhattan office, Nevin adopted New York’s corrupt political culture as the progressive ideal of justice—and in just seven months at the US Attorney’s office under top banana Matthew Graves, she’s been handed more than a dozen opportunities to prove it and advance an apparatchik. (Meanwhile, prosecutions in DC have similarly dwindled while Trump-Hunting ramps up.)

Among Nevin’s J6 cases are:

    • Non-violent Marine-veteran and father of five Jesus Rivera—sentenced to 8 months incarceration
    • Non-violent trespasser with no criminal past and autism Brandon Fellows—still in custody today, past his possible maximum sentencing guidelines
    • Teenage trespasser and youngest defendant Bruno Cua—awaiting sentencing after multiplicious charges were dropped in a stipulated bench trial
    • Several of the Proud Boys (Pezzola, Pepe, and Greene), whose trial has been more rife with prosecutorial misconduct than any in decades
    • Gulag prisoner of two years Sean McHugh—who heads to trial next month, facing “assault” charges in which no victim is named
    • Non-violent ‘trans for Trump’ trespasser Lilith Saer, awaiting sentencing, and eight other misdemeanor defendants.

Defense attorney for Gulag prisoner Sean McHugh courageously attempted to outline the party-line prosecution of J6 defendants like McHugh in a series of filings last month, making the case that the choices of the US attorney’s office were politically motivated.

In response, Nevin brushed off the claims not as inaccurate, but as insufficient (despite a public track record of political donations to corroborate her inner city activist training by repeated contributions to leftwing dark-money funnel ActBlue). Nevin’s argument for non-partisan prosecutorial discretion is a joke that’s just not funny: Yes she is partisan, and so is her track record, but trust her on this one. Orange Man really bad, and guy who likes him really scary.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Sean McHugh, one of the victims of this partisan prosecutor who is still in jail in DC, for comment.

McHugh went with peaceful intent to the Capitol with his mother, fell prey to police-induced violence on the terrace, and has been treated like no less than a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay since his 2021 arrest. (Prosecutors have repeatedly fabricated claims against him, allowing media to report on these inaccuracies before striking them from the record. He is accused of “assault” however no victim is named.)

Sean McHugh sharing Christmas with his son before January 6th consumed his life. Due to the DC jail’s oppressive visitation policies, and the distance from his home in California, McHugh has not seen his son for more than two years.


McHugh, who has been in the Gulag so long awaiting trial that he recently got news he’s expecting to be a grand-father, wrote us from a tablet in the DC jail:

“It is no surprise to see the prosecutorial misconduct alongside selective and vindictive prosecution coming out of this shady Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The DOJ loves to employ these leftist Trump hating prosecutors and claim there is no bias or misconduct. On one hand they seek to prosecute President Trump and his supporters to the fullest extent of the law, making life a living hell for anyone who believes in America First policies. Then with the other hand, refuse to prosecute their henchmen brown shirts, Antifa, who burn loot and murder all across the country, simultaneously tearing down our core beliefs and principles America was founded on.”

** Please support Sean here.

Like most morally-superior and entitled progressives, Nevin comes from “the country club section of Coral Gables” —the product of a wealthy family, a venture capitalist father, a multi-million dollar home, and a private school primary education with a price tag rivaling most college degrees. Meanwhile she works to destroy the everyman—who injured no one and harmed nothing more than the pride of the powerful—stumping for spin-doctors seeking trumped-up convictions to raze middle-class families for political revenge.

Nevin is at best short-sighted, frivolous, and misguided—and at worst, obediently advancing a state-sponsored tyranny too similar for comfort to Hitler’s kangaroo courts.

It’s hard to watch from here.

Sean McHugh’s trial is less than one month away.

He desperately needs our support.

The men of January 6th are right where these radical progressives want each one of us: on the verge of complete destruction—financially, emotionally, socially.

We must stand united against this oppressive tyranny before we lose all that we love.

Please contribute to Sean in his ongoing legal fight by donating what you can.


Kelly Wilde is an advocate for the January 6ers and contributor to C.A.P.P. (
Citizens Against Political Persecution, an organization founded by Cara Castronuova that fights for the political prisoners of January 6th). She maintains the site www.wearegoodmen.com, a place to get to know the Jan 6ers in their own words. To submit a tip, contact her at [email protected].


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