Elon Musk Mocks Chuck Schumer After He Lashes Out Over Jan 6th Footage: “Do You Want Us To Remove This Video?”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is not happy that the Establishment’s January 6th narrative is falling apart.

He had a complete meltdown on the floor of the Senate and even called on Fox News to stop Tucker from releasing January 6th tapes.


The next day he lashed out at Speaker McCarthy for giving the footage to Tucker Carlson.

He accused McCarthy of enabling the spread of “Donald Trump’s Big Lie.”

Elon Musk was having none of it.

He mocked Schumer, asking if he wanted Twitter to remove a video of January 6th.

The video mocks the idea that January 6th was an insurrection — a voiceover actor acts like a tour guide announcer in the Capitol:


Here is the full video:

The Establishment knows its narrative is in trouble. 

Great job Elon!

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