Dem Counsel During Trump’s First Impeachment and Current Rep. Daniel Goldman Consulted with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg About Indicting Trump – Bragg’s Wife Boasted Bragg Had “Trump Nailed on Felonies”

New York Congressman Dan Goldman

Washington Democrats have been colluding with Bragg on his persecution of President Donald Trump as we have all suspected.

The Gateway Pundit reported a Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Donald Trump yesterday on bogus charges.

Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud according to a leak to CNN. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon a 2:15 PM.

Paul Sperry dropped a bombshell report early this morning revealing that Rep. Dan Goldman, who prosecuted the first Trump impeachment, privately consulted with DA Alvin Bragg about indicting Trump.

House sources say Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman of Manhattan — who prosecuted the first Trump impeachment & has been bragging to reporters about sabotaging GOP investigations of the Bidens — has privately consulted with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg about indicting Trump

But there’s more. Bragg’s wife boasted that the corrupt DA had “Trump nailed on felonies.” The evidence was already predetermined and Bragg knew had the Manhattan jury in his pocket.

In March 2022 — BEFORE a Manhattan grand jury began hearing evidence — DA Alvin Bragg’s wife Jamila retweeted a report that claimed that her husband “has Trump nailed on felonies.” Jamila Bragg has since locked her Twitter account

Not surprisingly, this caught the former President’s attention. He retruthed the bombshell report a short time ago.

As previously reported, Trump is accused of providing $130,000 in 2016 to his disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen, who then allegedly passed the money on as hush money to Daniels.

Cohen was convicted of several crimes and sentenced to three years in prison in 2018. These charges include lying to Congress, as well as campaign-finance violations and tax evasion.

Federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York decided against charging Trump related to the Stormy Daniels payment back in 2019, despite Cohen’s testimony. The Federal Election Commission also closed the investigation into the case in 2021.

However, Bragg, whose campaign was funded by billionaire far-left extremist donor George Soros, has opted to revive the case to bring charges against the former president.


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