CROWD GASPS As Blue-Haired Trans Person Injects Herself While Standing at Podium to Protest Ban on Sex Changes for Children [VIDEO]

Conservative Florida lawmakers have received backlash from pro-trans activists after they proposed a bill to ban sex changes for minors. During a hearing in Tallahassee, many transgender allies – with many different hair colors – stood up and spoke in protest of this bill, accusing the lawmakers of wanting to kill all trans people.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – One blue-haired transgender person wearing horn-rimmed glasses shocked the crowd by inserting themself with what the unnamed trans person called their “healthcare.”

“I was once a trans youth, and now I’m a happy 22-year-old trans adult,” they said. “This is my healthcare, don’t tread on it.”

Holding up a syringe that was presumably filled with hormones, they stuck the needle into their arm and pushed the plunger as an audience member gasped.

Another disturbing moment during the meeting was when a transgender man recounted the time he was 15 years old and tried to slice their own breasts off and had to go to the ER because they were bleeding out. The same individual claimed that when they were just 2 years old they wanted to kill themself.

One speaker related the bill to Nazi-era Germany, claiming she grew up in the aftermath of Nazi Germany, despite looking no older than 60. “This is transphobic, it is cruel, and you really should be ashamed,” said the “German” speaker.

Another speaker insisted that Governor Ron DeSantis “wants trans people dead” and is committing “genocide.”

“What you are doing by signing this bill is an act of war,” said a pro-trans activist. “The way it is as it is now, my people will die. And that blood will be on your hands.”

A 12-year-old non-binary protestor stood up to speak out against the bill as well, saying, “If you pass this bill, many of us will die. I deserve to live as long as you. We are humans too.”

One parent threatened gun violence, saying, “I would also like to implore you all to remember that less than a week ago gun law restrictions were loosened. And anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to come and take my child – I dare you.”

Another speaker with half-pink, half-black hair angrily spoke to the committee, saying, “Every time I look at this committee, I realize more and more that you guys want to commit trans genocide. Our blood is on your hands.”



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