California, a Northern Union State Where Slavery Was Illegal, Ups Proposal for Black Reparations to $360,000 Per Black Citizen

The lunatics running the great state of California into the toilet are taking another step toward the destruction of the state.  They want to give reparations to black people despite California being a northern state in 1861 where slavery was not legal.  

California is not being run by sane citizens who love America.  The state has been taken over by radicals who are behind the destruction of America.

One of the many ways that the Marxists have taken over the state is to push racism.  Their latest effort to promote this is to bring up slavery which was never legal in California.  Despite this reality, the socialist America haters want to push the lie that black citizens in California are being abused and deserve hundreds of thousands because of this abuse.

Hispanics, Asians, Indians and whites in California apparently were never abused and so they should pay for this?

In 1861, California was a non-slave state.  Slavery was illegal in California.  Then the Civil War broke out and under the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, slavery was abolished across the US forevermore.

Since then America has taken great strides to ensure Americans’ God-given rights are protected.  All citizens are to be treated equal.

But the radicals in California believe that America is not good and they want to keep changing history to destroy America.

The recent effort is to attempt to pay only one race of people hundreds of thousands of dollars for the crime of slavery that was never even legal in the state.

The Daily Mail reports:

Black Californians could be in line for $360,000 each as part of the state’s plan to dish out ‘reparations’ to descendants of slaves.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber told a meeting today that California must ‘admit its sins and change the narrative,’ to pave the way for initiatives similar to ones already being considered in other states.

But there has been no detail about how the $650 billion project will be funded amid concerns over California’s growing deficit which is expected to worsen due to a jobs blood bath in its tax-generating Silicon Valley.

This is California today – promoting racism by instilling resentment and lies.  Evil. 

It is no wonder that a growing group of citizens in California want to split away from the crazy and corrupt politicians running the state and form a new state – the state of New California.

MOVING ONWARD – The State of New California Sends Delegates to Washington D.C.


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