BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Releases Evidence Showing Ray Epps Perjured Himself in Sworn Testimony to Jan 6 Committee (VIDEO)

Ray Epps was identified early on as a man at the Jan 6 riots participating in very serious suspicious acts.  Tucker Carlson shared evidence tonight showing that Epps lied in his testimony to the January 6 corrupt January 6 Committee.  

TGP was all over the Ray Epps crimes and cover-up.  He was on the FBI’s most wanted list and then suddenly taken off.  He was behind the riots on Jan 6 and participated in them and yet he walks free today.  There is much evidence already that Ray Epps committed many of the same crimes that others are in prison for and worse.

NEW VIDEO of Ray Epps Hurling GIANT Trump Sign at Police on Jan. 6 But Was Never Arrested Like Several Trump Supporters Who Touched that Same Sign (VIDEO)

There is more and more information on the actions of Ray Epps on Jan 6.  Jim Hoft at TGP reported on one of the latest findings.

RAY EPPS EXCLUSIVE!! Never-Before-Seen Leaked VIDEO of RAY EPPS Breach! Is the Government Doctoring Video to COVER FOR EPPS & Incriminate the Proud Boys at their Show Trial? THIS IS PART OF THE 14,000 Hours the Government Is Hiding! MUST SEE!!

In his sworn testimony to the 1/6 Committee, Epps said that he left the Capitol immediately after texting his nephew “I orchestrated it.” However, surveillance video shows him on Capitol grounds 30 minutes later.  

Tucker Carlson shared this tonight.

Here’s a longer video from Tucker’s show tonight.

When will Ray Epps and the people behind his actions on Jan 6 be brought to justice?

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