EXCLUSIVE: BPro’s TotalVote “Centralized State-Wide Top-Down System” Used in Multiple States Is Internet Connected, Non-Certified, Connects with Dominion and ERIC, and Allows “Plug-Ins” That Can Change Results – And No One Has Reported on This Until Now

BPro’s TotalVote is an election software that is used across the country and in New Mexico, and it had numerous issues.  Its contract in Pennsylvania validates many of the concerns with the system. 

The Gateway Pundit reported on the numerous issues of  BPro’s TotalVote in New Mexico.

Election experts in New Mexico established that the post-election canvass reports in all 33 New Mexico Counties are being illegally prepared. Complete election records are being uploaded to an uncertified, centralized software under the control of the Secretary of State (SOS) called SERVIS, which is then used to create the official election results.

Use of any uncertified software for this part of the election process is a violation of federal and state law. And according to state law, the SOS is not to have access to the complete election record from any county until the election has been certified.

The most disturbing discovery by far was this slide, titled “Protecting the Dominion Server Air Gap,” from internal training documents. It shows the clerks how they are to transfer their data from their Dominion Server to the SERVIS system and back again:

Tuesday, TGP reported that a group of election experts in Hawaii discovered that TotalVote has the ability to use “plug-ins” in the election process.

This report was developed by election experts in New Mexico and Hawaii with special recognition to Attorney David Clements and his wife Erin. 

TGP reported on the TotalVote election system in Hawaii which is connected to the Internet, is not certified, and can backdate election records.

BPro systems also shares in their PA contract that their system is fully integrated with ERIC.

Below is the contract with Pennsylvania from 2020, signed at the time the citizens in the state were trying to discover how Joe Biden overcame a nearly million vote margin after the election to surpass President Trump in the race for President.

PA Bpro Contract 4400023325 Sure System by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The current systems in use in American elections are a joke.  They lack nearly everything you would expect and demand in secure systems used in our elections. 

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