Boy Joins Girls’ High School Track Team, Helps Propel Them to State Championship Win: ‘Deal with It’

A high school state track meet in Massachusetts is once again shining a light on the war on women’s sports, which is taking place as boys are allowed to compete as girls.

According to Breitbart, in January of this year, a high school junior who calls himself “Chloe” Barnes and identifies as a female, helped propel Brookline High School’s girls’ track team to victory in the 4 x 200 meter relay at the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Northeast Invitational.

Barnes managed to run in 1:50.43, and the video shows him easily outpacing the girls that he was racing against.

Brookline’s school newspaper “The Cypress” spoke about how Barnes, as a sophomore, arranged to train with the girls’ team but to compete with the boys as he feared that people would raise eyebrows if he competed against girls.

But, by the time he was a junior, he felt confident enough to officially join the girls’ team and to compete with them at meets.

Naturally, many people are angry and feel that girls were robbed of the chance to accomplish something because a boy chose to compete against them. Olympian Andy Turner wrote on Twitter, “Simply cheating!! This should not be allowed.”

Fellow Olympian Sharron Davies agreed, saying, “This is cheating.”

But Barnes is not listening to those who oppose him competing as a girl. His response to them is simply, “Deal with it. Just deal with it,” Breitbart reported.

Seriously? Are young girls seriously supposed to “just deal with” the fact that in the name of woke transgender ideology, they are losing out opportunities to men pretending to be women?

This is not the only example of this that we have seen recently. Last year, Lia Thomas, a male, competed as a woman on the University of Pennsylvania swimming team and absolutely crushed the competition.

This is also, not only about ensuring the integrity of sports, but also the safety of female athletes. Imagine how uncomfortable many of them feel having to share a locker room with someone who is very obviously a boy.

Frankly, Barnes is giving a very tone-deaf response to the genuine concerns of girls and their parents, who fear that the hard work that they have put into their sports will be wiped out to satisfy someone’s fantasies.

Should boys be banned from girls' sports?

So, no, they are not supposed to just “deal with it.” They have a right to make their concerns known and have them adequately taken into consideration.

This transgender madness has gone on for far too long, and the examples of Barnes and Thomas show that there are people who suffer as a result of these delusions.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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