BIG NEWS: 3 More Secretaries of State Approach Omega4 America Founder to Replace ERIC System – New Voter Roll Policing Can Catch Criminals as They Make Massive Changes to Voter Rolls

Last week, Jay Valentine, the Director of the Fractal Technology Software Team at Omega4America, released an Open Letter to Shane Hamlin, the Executive Director at ERIC, the outdated and inefficient voter roll maintenance program founded by far-left activist David Becker.

The ERIC system is now used in 32 states despite the fact that voter rolls in those states are more bloated with phantom voters than ever in US history.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the ERIC Systems in a series of articles and follow-up reports for over a year now.

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Since The Gateway Pundit first reported on ERIC two states have stepped away from the platform and more will follow.  This is a grave concern to the Democrat lawmakers like Jocelyn Benson from Michigan and Gabe Sterling from Georgia who contributed to a recent AP report.   The two liberal activists are concerned that several states are now taking a closer look at the system.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Jay Valentine this weekend about his Omega4America system.

What Jay Valentine told us will send shockwaves through the Democrat Party.  There is now a system available that can cut down on a major percentage of their cheating.

And we all know Democrats CAN NOT WIN based on ideas and on an even playing field.  This is a game changer.

Jim Hoft:  Jay, I saw that my twin brother Joe had you on his radio program, so you’re getting around a little bit. And that’s great news for the country. I met you after we started reporting on the ERIC System. And it’s amazing how people are more aware of this system that controls our voter rolls.  It was supposedly meant to clean up our voter rolls, and yet –  this system really isn’t doing it, and it could lead to a lot of fraud in our elections…  Can you tell us, maybe just start off for people who aren’t aware, what is it about this Eric system? What does it do? What is it supposed to do? And why do we need an alternative?

Teams are already using Omega4 America is several states.

The Nevada team found enough anomolies that ERIC should have flagged in ONE NEVADA COUNTY that could have changed the election.

Jay Valentine:  ERIC, ostensibly, is supposed to be able to go to the voter rolls for any one of the 30 or so states who use it, clean those voter rolls by flagging the people who were dead or the people who clearly live in addresses that are hotels or parking lots or vacant lots. To clean those voter roles and to inform the states that those are people that you need to remove. But that’s not what happens. It’s not what happens at all. ERIC, actually, because of the way it’s implemented, is much more sinister. What happens with ERIC is their rules of engagement with the various states are such that they make voter roles and the changes to voter roles, in particular, the changes, they make those changes opaque so that the citizen can’t see what changes have been made to voter roles…

…So I’ll give you an example. We took the voter rolls that had been run by ERIC for the state of Nevada. We took the property roles for the state of Nevada, for one of their large counties, Washoe County…  We compared the voter rolls cleaned, ostensibly cleaned by ERIC, and we compared them with the property tax roles, which are the gold standard…  These are voter rolls that were cleaned by Eric, and we found enough of these anomalies that are clearly places that ERIC should have flagged in one county alone. That could change any election in the entire state of Nevada any time.

Omega4America is going raising money to operate in 15 or 20 states for 2024

Jay Valentine:  We’re in the process of raising money because we’re going to be doing this for probably 15 or 20 states for 2024… We have taken the voter rolls that are cleaned ostensibly by Eric for North Carolina, for Florida, for Texas, for all of these states. And we run those voter rolls against publicly available information, lists of hotels, lists of RV parks, lists of prisons. In Texas, for instance, the voter roll cleaned by Eric, we have people voting from the Harris County Jail. And this is happening in every state. I don’t want to pick on any one state. This is happening in Republican states. It happens in Alabama. In Alabama, we have people who are 2439 years old, who are active.

Election officials are caught committing fraud.

Jay Valentine:  We’ve already done twelve or 15 states, some of them like Arizona, we’re not allowed to publish, but we’re able to show things like people changing zip codes right around the time tens of thousands of zip codes right around the time that ballots get mailed out. So we’re finding fraud committed by election commissions. This is very serious stuff.

Democrat election officials load up the voter rolls before elections.

Jay:  For instance, in Nevada we see around election time, the six months before election time we have 200 people registered to vote in hotels. But as we move up closer to election we have 4000 or 6000 people registered to vote in hotels. Those are the kind of things that you see which are very interesting to people trying to clean up voter rolls.

You can now catch the fraud as it is committed.

Jay:  The first question, which is the most important question in voter fraud today is what can be done to stop voter fraud before it impacts elections? In order to answer that question we have to take a very controversial thesis and lay it out there which we can prove. And we can prove it in both Republican and Democratic states. And that is that industrial scale organized criminal election fraud is happening across the country today. And it is always happening because election commissions and the members of election commissions are the ones perpetrating the crime. Or in some states they’re acquiescing to other people perpetrating the crime. So the first thing that we have to understand that this stuff isn’t being done by individual voters. This isn’t the guy who shows up to vote twice. This is somebody changing voters’ identities from inactive changing them to active voting them, changing them back to inactive which can’t be seen with traditional technology…  We would have discovered instantly that the election commission was changing identities, was changing addresses, was changing something in those voter roles so that people would not get their mail-in ballots, at which point immediately the candidate could have intervened could have gotten a court order because they would have had live data that 10,000 people or 20,000 people in this county just had x happen to them.

You won’t out-ballot harvest the left.

Jay:  And I can tell you right now, from what we see, that in 2024 President Trump, the other folks, think that they’re going to go out and they’re going to learn ballot harvesting in the next two, you know, two years.

Three Secretary of State’s offices have contacted Jay Valentine – Three new states asked for demonstrations!

Jay:  But we’ve been contacted by attorney general’s, I’m sorry, three Secretary of State offices who have Eric, and they said we never knew there was an alternative to Eric, but we wrote that open letter to Eric last week, which is available on our website. We now have, I think, three secretaries of state offices who have asked us to come in and do a live demonstration. And in most cases, we already have their data, so we can actually run their state and show their state before Eric and after Eric, so we can show them. For instance, Ohio is a great example. So in Ohio, we have the data for Ohio, and we can show Ohio data which is supposed to be cleaned by Eric…  If the citizens of Ohio ever saw a live demonstration, which I would happy to give of what their voter roles look like, they would be enraged. Florida, Florida! People think Florida – is the cleanest state in the country. If you saw the Florida roles, you would be stunned at how many people are living and voting from vacant lots, et cetera.

Secretaries of State are getting Hundreds of Calls to DUMP ERIC!

Jay:  After they read our open letter to Eric and the minimum viable product that we published through Gateway Pundit, their offices reached out to us and said, you know, we we never knew. Yesterday we got a call from a secretary, we got a call from a citizen group. And the citizen group, this is a funny story. The citizen group said, we called our secretary of state and we told them we had a meeting with them, Zoom meeting. And we had a meeting with them and told them they they need to get rid of Eric. And their comment was, you are like the 1000th person this month who is saying we have to get rid of ERIC.

Omega4America’s fractal system can prevent state officials from adding tens of thousands of ballots before elections or from changing data during the election.

Jim: We saw in 2020 there was one state that had, like, they added a bunch of names before the election, and then after the election, they took these names off of the voter rolls. I’m thinking it was hundreds of thousands in one of these states. And this can prevent that. Is that what we’re saying now?

Jay:  It prevents it through real-time visibility. So the reason you can do that and while you’re talking about a state here in Texas, we see it in a county. So in Harris County, Texas, they will load up a quarter of a million new voters before the election, and they will dissipate in the six months after the election. It’s incredible. Well, now, because of snapshotting analysis, we just take a different snapshot of the Texas voter rolls, and we’ll take a snapshot every week, every two weeks, and whatever is needed. And then we can compare them. And as they start loading them up, we see two things. First, we see that they’re loading up the voter roll, but the more important part is we see that they’re loading up the voter roll from locations that are not valid addresses for those people. And that’s why one of the things that we’re building today, which we think is the most important delivery of fractal programming, is the undeliverable ballot database.


Jim:  Do you think we’ll be able to pinpoint who’s actually adding these names? Because the thing that will scare the heck out of cheaters is if they get caught and if they know that, they could be in big trouble. Is there any way you think that we can pinpoint who’s making these changes and put a name on that so that you can go to a court and say, hey, this is happening here. They’re the ones doing it?

Jay:  Well, we can, and we can do that, but it’s a two-step process. Step number one is we demonstrate with real time analysis that somebody just added 25,000 names to this voter roll. Then we go to court with that. And when we go to court with that, assuming of course, that those 25,000 names are living in vacant lots and they’re somehow challengeable, then you get a court order to get the log file from that particular computer system. Yes, we can tell you exactly who keyed that in, and we can tell you exactly who committed that crime. And this is the kind of visibility that’s huge.

Zuckerberg is investing in filling the election offices with committed leftists.

Jim:  we saw an article this week that Zuckerberg is going to be involved in the 2024 election. He announces the CTCL is going to invest in I wrote this down, the US. Alliance for Elections. Excellence. And it’s a new program, apparently, where they’re going to put money into local county offices to make sure they get the right people in these elections offices who can count the votes. You heard about that, of course.

Jay:  Right. And that proves our point. Our point is that if you want to stop election fraud, you have to hold election commissions accountable. Mark Zuckerberg just took $80 million and put it on the table. He didn’t put it on the table to add voters to voter rolls. He didn’t put it on the table to do some type of litigation. He put it on the table to control election commissions, to have his guy in the election commission doing his bidding because he knows, Mark Zuckerberg knows. If you control the election commission, you control the outcome.

This was an incredible interview with a man who is going to make a difference in 2024.

No wonder the left is terrified. 

It’s time to catch the cheaters and hold them accountable.

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