Biden Budget Director Shalanda Young Admits Biden’s Proposed Budget Does Not Reduce the National Debt (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s OMB Director Shalanda Young on Wednesday testified before the Senate Budget Committee.

Biden’s 2024 proposed budget will likely be blocked by House Republicans.

Joe Biden proposed a budget last Thursday – which includes huge tax hikes and trillions in new spending.

“[The] Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget warns the budget would result in the country’s debt rising from 98 percent of GDP at the end of 2023 to 106 percent by 2027 and then 110 percent by 2033.” – Fox News reported.

“According to their analysis, despite some attempts at deficit reduction, nominal debt would nearly double, growing from $24.6 trillion to $43.6 trillion over the next decade.” the outlet reported.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) asked Shalanda Young if Joe Biden’s budget reduces the national debt.

“Do you think it actually reduces debt?” Rick Scott asked Shalanda Young.

“Our budget focuses on the deficit,” she said.

“So, that’s a no,” Rick Scott said.

“So, is President Biden’s budget balanced?” Rick Scott queried.

“Uh, Senator, no, because we believe that would hurt working families,” Shalanda Young said.

There it is.


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