Biden Admin Reverses Course On TikTok – Trump Responds: “Now They Realize I Was Right”

Trump was right…again.

The Biden White House is now supporting a bill that would outlaw TikTok in the United States.

When Biden took office he revoked a Trump-era executive order aimed at banning TikTok.

The Epoch Times reported:

The White House has reversed direction this week, saying it would support a Senate bill that would outlaw TikTok in the United States.

The Biden administration had been at a standstill for two years over how to deal with the threat to national security posed by the Chinese-owned mobile app.

U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Tuesday welcomed a bipartisan bill that would allow the Biden administration to ban the video-sharing app.

On Tuesday, Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and John Thune (R-S.D.) introduced the measure called the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act. The bipartisan bill is the most recent proposal that seeks to fully outlaw the app due to mounting concerns that it could be used to spy on Americans.

Trump pointed out that when he wanted to ban TikTok he was attacked by Democrats and RINOs.

Truth Social:

Has anybody noticed that everyone wants to go after, and destroy, TIKTOK due to China influence and National Security. When I wanted to disable TIKTOK 3 years ago, I was met with opposition from RINOS to Democrats to everyone else. They actually went to court in an effort to stop me. Now they realize I was right, and have changed their tune. Sadly, I’ve been right about everything!

Just last year, Joe Biden invited TikTok influencers to the White House to push propaganda for him.

Total Clown Show: Biden White House Activates Dozens of Tik Tok Influencers to Spread Ukraine Propaganda – Holds Meeting to Coach Them

Will they all apologize to Donald Trump?

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