With Bank Runs and Market Concerns, Faith-Driven Gold Company Helps People Secure Self-Directed IRAs

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Between the Biden-Harris regime pushing ESG investments (even if they lose money) and the ongoing bank drama prompting potential for economic collapse, millions of Americans are concerned about their wealth, retirement, and life’s savings.

Central banks, states such as Tennessee, and entire nations are quickly but quietly buying up as much gold as they can.

What do they know and why aren’t they telling the people?

A popular method of protecting retirement dollars is by rolling accounts over to self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. One faith-driven, America First company has begun doing just that with an emphasis on stewardship. Plus, as a sponsor, it will also benefit Gateway Pundit when you work with them.

Unlike many companies who promote “paper” or “virtual” precious metals, Genesis only offers physical precious metals.

Through the self-directed IRAs that they set up for customers, your precious metals are stored in a secure depository. Genesis can be your trusted partner to facilitate the purchase as well as the management of the precious metals, but YOU will own them and have complete control.

Click here to reach out today through genesisira.com or call 800-385-4653.

By working with Genesis, you can learn ways to protect your savings.

It’s clear that either the Biden-Harris regime is completely incompetent or they’re engaged in the intentional demolition of the American economy. Both possibilities bode ill for hard-working Americans who do not want to be beholden to government.

Physical precious metals, particularly gold and silver, have never been worthless. As far back as the Book of Genesis, precious metals have been traded due to their inherent value and have maintained a place in commerce continually to this day.

Achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your life’s savings is backed by something substantial.

Visit genesisira.com today or call 800-385-GOLD (4653).

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