Attorney McBride: Rep. Clay Higgins KICKED OUT of DC Gulag for Bringing His Bible with Him

Attorney Joseph McBride, who has spent countless hours fighting for January 6th defendants, reported on Friday that Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana was kicked out of a DC jail for bringing his Bible with him.

McBride made the announcement on Twitter and tweeted “Congressman Clay Higgins—a brave man who has been leading the charge to end J6 detainee torture, was just: KICKED OUT OF DC JAIL FOR HAVING A BIBLE!”

Rep. Higgins along with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene previously sent a letter to Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser requesting for members of Congress to visit the January 6th prisoners.

Greene and Higgins’s request was eventually granted and a group of bipartisan lawmakers received a tour of the jail where the January 6th inmates are being held.

Rep. Higgins who is a devout believer has been known to carry his Bible around.

On January 6th of 2023, as the House was voting on who would be the next House Speaker Higgins was spotted praying for other lawmakers while having a Bible in his hands.


Along with touring the jail, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also gave a press conference outside of the DC Jail.

Unfortunately however those attending MTG’s press conference were harassed by masked agitators.

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If this is true about Rep. Higgins the prison has another scandal to deal with.


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