“Are you lost Dad?” Jan 6 Dad Speaks for First Time Since Jury Slaughter in DC Kangaroo Court and Prison Surrender — PLEASE HELP MARKUS MALY AND HIS FAMILY


It has been three and a half months since Markus Maly was convicted on all counts by a DC jury for his role in the January 6th protests.

Markus Maly with one of his four children in southwestern Virginia.


This is the same jury that flipped off the defendants as it read a “guilty” verdict on every single count — 28 counts across three co-defendants that took just three hours of deliberations.

Just another day for a DOJ with a 99.8% conviction rate.

Maly was at the scene of the West Terrace Tunnel where Rosanne Boyland was murdered and Victoria White was savagely beaten and sexually assaulted.  They were not the only two unarmed women who were brutalized that day.

There was never one victim named or identified in the case the DOJ brought against Maly, the kind of blue-collar man from middle America that the establishment so despises.

But we know the victim of this campaign: Maly’s wife and four children, who are without the father who provided a life for them. The youngest one is just 2 years old.

Maly and his wife just after the birth of their baby girl.


Please read Maly’s first public statement, sent to the Gateway Pundit, below:

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Hello, my name is Markus Maly.

I am a January 6th P.O.W. and this is just something about who I am and who I was before the lives of my family and myself were turned upside down for my going to see President Trump in D.C.

I am the father to four beautiful children, one little princess that’s 2 and a half and three boys ages 7, 14, and 23. Two of my boys are special needs and my wife and I homeschool (mostly my wife). I am a faithful and loving man to a woman who is my best friend and whom I adore. She is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life and she is awesome in every way.

I love my family with all my heart.

I am a flooring installer out of Roanoke Virginia and I enjoy my work. I am spiritual and have a thirst for knowledge. If I can help someone in need I will. I consider myself a patriot and I am happy with the man I am today.

As the saying goes “A man is incent until proven guilty.”

I don’t feel I was “proven” to be guilty.

Nevertheless I was “found” to be guilty by a D.C. jury.

The jury was going to find my codefendants and myself guilty regardless of the facts that were presented to them in trial.

I use the term codefendants loosely. None of us had ever met each other before trial. In closing arguments the prosecution told the jury in my case to, and I quote, “put the pieces together and use their common sense to come to a guilty verdict…” Does that sound like something the prosecution would say to a jury if they had proven our guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? When it comes to my case, I was found guilty of all charges.

** There were no victims and the prosecution presented no witnesses. 

Happy mom and dad with their newborn baby.

Never again will I look at the legal system the same way. I hope some sort of reform will happen soon. There is an appeal process but the appeal process was not meant to be a part of “the court process.” All too often the lives of the people are thrown to the wolves and told that’s what the appeals process is for. In my opinion this is criminal and needs to stop. The conviction rate in the federal system is at 96%. Turnover in appeals is at 70%. On average the appeal process takes about three to five years if you’re lucky.

As I sit in a federal prison waiting for a sentence that I’m told might be as high as twelve to fourteen years, the one thing on my mind is my family.

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As the breadwinner it was on me to make ends meet and we lived paycheck to paycheck and now my wife is struggling to make the same ends meet without me. The last thing my wife or I want to do is ask for help but I’m at a point now that I feel I must. I’m asking that if you’ve been blessed financially in this life that you might go to GiveSendGo and help out with anything you might be able to. My family and I would be forever grateful.

Before all this happened to us, I would go to work, sometimes bringing my oldest son to work with me because he loved being with me and I would come straight home to the rest of the family. I would sometimes help finish up school work but normally it’s playtime in the front yard. We would swing, finger paint, kick the ball and make friends with bugs and preying mantises.

I love being a dad.

Maly’s great joy is being a dad.


Now my seven year old asks me over the phone “Why is it taking you so long to come home?” “Are you lost Dad?” “Are you in a traffic jam Dad?”

“Are you walking home from far away?” “Did you lose your shoes Dad?” “Are you on a big job?”

“Stop working and come home now Dad!”

It breaks my heart. None of us deserve this.

Thank you for reading this all the way through. The fact that you did and the fact that you care means the world to me and every other J6er.

Thank you so much and God Bless,

Markus Maly
Inmate 83302-509


Happier times at the Maly residence: celebrating his daughter’s birthday.


Maly’s sentencing is scheduled for April 28.

Please keep him, his wife and four children in your prayers.



** Markus needs help to support his family and himself as he slogs through this painful hardship. Please support him if you can by donating here.



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