Another Insurrection! Trans Activists Invade Florida State Capitol Chanting “Whose Schools, Our Schools!” – Outraged Over Legislators Voting to Protect Children (VIDEO)

Florida Voice News Twitter video

Tallahassee, Florida- Radical trans activists invaded the Florida state Capitol on Friday in anger over state legislators voting to protect children from school indoctrination and safeguard parental rights.

The crazed “protest” comes just days after a “transgender” terrorist murdered six people, including three children at a private Christian school in Nashville.

The trans activists in Tallahassee were furious over a bill called HB 1069. The legislation would bar school employees from asking students for their pronouns and sharing their own pronouns if they “do not correspond to that person’s sex.”

The bill would also boost parental rights by giving parents the ability to object to instructional material or library books and would require school educators to teach that sex is biologically determined.

The far-left “protesters” decided to invade the state capitol to air their grievances.

They were holding signs reading “Cure Transphobia” and “Stop Trans Genocide.”


One organizer dressed in a goofy tie-dye shirt can be heard screaming, “this fight does not end here. We keep showing up every single day. We keep making our voices heard.”

The man then leads the crowd into a chant of “whose schools? Our schools!”

They also booed legislators as they entered the chamber.

The Republican-controlled House voted 77-35 along almost straight party lines to pass the bill.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on radical leftists storming the Tennessee Capitol Thursday to demand gun control.

The lunatics disrupted the Tennessee Legislative session, chanting no action, no peace!

Another insurrection occurred in Kentucky on March 28. Trans activists invaded the Kentucky state capitol building in Frankfurt after Kentucky’s GOP-led legislature voted to override Democrat Governor Andy Beshear’s veto of a bill restricting medical child sex changes.

At least 19 people were arrested at the Kentucky protest.


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