Adam Kinzinger Linked to Pro-Ukraine Organization Which Allegedly Scammed People Out of MILLIONS of Dollars

Adam Kinzinger with James Vasquez


Worthless RINO Adam Kinzinger spends his days on Twitter and CNN bashing actual Republicans and pushing reckless policies in Ukraine.

If you disagree with Kinzinger, he calls you a traitor to the Republic and melts down over even the most innocuous tweets.

His obsession with Ukraine may have gotten the best of him, though. Kinzinger might be in serious hot water because a Ukraine-centered non-profit he is a board member of is being accused of scamming people out of millions of dollars.

Independent journalist Jordan Schachtel was first on the story.

As reported by the Post Millennial, the story starts with a man named James Vasquez who formerly worked for Ripley’s Heroes. Vasquez boasted about joining the Ukraine army in 2022 to fight the Russians and bragged about his supposed exploits, including “taking out seven Russian tanks.”

This caught Kinzinger’s attention and he started promoting Vasquez. He urged Twitter to verify his account and posed together with the supposed hero.

There was just one problem: Vasquez lied about everything. Now Ripley’s Heroes is being investigated by the federal government.

They do seem close, don’t they?

Here is some more background on the story via the New York Times:

Last spring, a volunteer group called Ripley’s Heroes said it had spent approximately $63,000 on night-vision and thermal optics. Some of the equipment was subject to American export restrictions because, in the wrong hands, it could give enemies a battlefield advantage.

Frontline volunteers said Ripley’s delivered the equipment to Ukraine without required documentation listing the actual buyers and recipients. Recently, the federal authorities began investigating the shipments, U.S. officials said.

In his defense, the group’s founder, a retired U.S. Marine named Lt. Col. Hunter Ripley Rawlings IV, provided deal documents to The Times. But those records show that, just as the volunteers said, Ripley’s was not disclosed to the State Department as the buyer.

Kinzinger either participated in a vile scam that defrauded innocent people who thought they were helping veterans or he is just a vain moron and useful idiot. Either way, this a horrible look for the former congressman.


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