Actress Behind AT&T’s ‘Lily’ Reveals Herself as a BLM and Abortion Supporting Leftist (VIDEO)

Corporate spokespersons are usually actors who make a fortune by associating themselves with a character who represents a company in advertising.

Everyone knows the “Can you hear me now?” guy, or “Flo” of Progressive insurance.

At AT&T, the character of “Lily” is instantly recognizable, as she has appeared in countless ads for the company.

The actress who playes her is named Milana Vayntrub, and she recently released a video on TikTok that makes her personal politics completely obvious. She is a total leftist.

RedState reports:

If I want to buy a tool, I don’t want that tool to be inexorably associated with politics or societal positions that I don’t support. If I have a choice between cell carriers, one being a condescending, lecturing, and whiny actress who talks about abortion like she discarded a pair of used socks or another cell carrier that just sells me a product, I’m going to pick the latter. So where does “Lily” (her real name is Milana Vayntrub) of AT&T fame fit in? She wants you to know her social justice warrior positions on…just about everything…

She posted a condescending summary of her social justice warrior cred on TikTok. She supports Alphabet soup “birthing persons” aborting babies just like she aborted her baby. She wants money out of politics but supports “universal health care.” Make sense of that. If she wants universal healthcare, she should give up her SAG/AFTRA insurance and get an Obama Care HMO, then wait in line with illegal immigrants at a big city ER. Why illegal immigrants? She fully supports their right to invade.

She wants money taken away from police and put into communities. Minneapolis tried that, Lily. It failed — spectacularly. Portland tried it too, Lily. She supports BLM. Last year BLM was revealed to be massive grift, but facts often require reading, and Lily is too busy selling cell phone plans to bother with facts.

See the video below:

It’s a free country, and this actress is entitled to believe whatever she wants.

But that doesn’t mean conservatives have to keep using AT&T. There are lots of other phone services to choose from.


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