A Letter from a Military Mom, a Grandmother, and an American Patriot Who Loves this Country and Sees Where We Are Heading

One of our readers, a military mom and friend of TGP sent us this message to share. 

We hope you have a moment to read this:

Over the last two years I have watched my country being taken over by the most incompetent, dangerous and reckless morons ever to take up space in our most sacred place in this country, our White House, our Senate, and our Congress.

These inept traitors of our glorious country and our most revered and beloved Constitution have made us the laughing stock in the world.

I have watched them destroy the lives of good honest and decent Americans who went up to DC to express their love and concern for their country and the Dems arranged an ambush on them. That is what happened and that is what they did to our fellow Americans. What is worse, they threw these good and decent Americans in jail with no trial, no representation, they robbed them of their rights in every way possible.

Folks, these people are pure evil and they are running our country into the ground. The one man who tried, in spite of all of them, to get this country going in the right direction has been vilified and persecuted by this corrupt bunch of immoral thugs in suits. I ask you to remember our economy and our secure border under President Trump. Don’t you remember how booming your 401k’s were doing under his leadership? Don’t you remember how good it felt when President Trump stood up to the terrorists and what a moment in history it was when he crossed the DMZ! And they all said it couldn’t be done. Our country was at peace and Trump understood, as well as our enemies, what it truly means to rule by the simple premise of peace through strength. The world stood at attention and they knew to behave themselves because President Donald J Trump meant to keep our country and her people safe and he would deal directly with you if you didn’t get the message. He delivered to the most evil man, Solemani, responsible for the maiming and murder of so many of our Sons and Daughters and Trump delivered to him what he deserved.

Now Iran has threatened AGAIN, to murder our former President and Mike Pompeo. This is an outrage and every American who loves this country should be outraged that one of our Presidents has been threatened on the world stage. Yet all I hear is silence.

Be still my heart, I tell myself everyday. But it will no longer listen. That fighting Irish spirit in me can no longer sit idly by silent while threats against him are published, and then just dead silence.

Folks, this is not okay, it can’t be.

I’m trying again, one more time to rally my fellow Americans. Goons are beating up white people, little white children, they are shooting cops like it’s the new sport in town, they are putting illegals up in $400 hotel rooms, courtesy of our pocketbooks yet our homeless Veterans are on the streets. The real crime, the most awful actions they are engaged in is the sanctioned murder of babies, even right after they are born! Remember Northum telling us they’ll make the baby comfortable while they plan the poor little baby’s murder. When I saw that, my heart ached and it still does. I believe when I die God will ask me what I did to protect them, God’s little children. This is ghoulish – the planned parenthood ghoulish doctors describing how much more money they get for the tissues of the full-term little bodies. What has happened to our conscience and our moral sense?

All of this has to stop and I believe there is only one man with the spine to stand up to these crazies and set things right. That man is Donald Trump. If you disagree, hey, good for you, you are an American entitled to your opinion but frankly, we have run out of time to pussyfoot around. They are fast-tracking the destruction of our country and I know there are Americans out there that have, like me, had enough. They have tried relentlessly to destroy President Trump but they have not succeeded. They are bullies and this needs to stop. I have always believed Trump is our Cyrus and God is with him. He continues to stand up against all of them and he is relentless too. He is fighting for the good of our country and he seems to be the only one telling the whole truth.

So, what can we do? I have a theory that these criminals up in DC think they are getting away with all this because we have stopped calling them. We have disengaged and our disengagement is easily remedied by picking up your phone and calling them.

How about we start with Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. Everyone please pick up your phone today and please call his office. I did and I had a nice conversation with I believe her name was Avery. I asked for one thing. I asked for the J6 tapes to be released to us, the American people. Those tapes belong to the American people and I as a taxpayer are entitled to them. I paid for them, I pay their salaries up there and I’m damn tired of the games being played on us!

Please, call McCarthy’s office and tell him to keep his promise to release the tapes, not to Tucker, but to all of us. We know what is on those tapes and stop telling us every time we ask for their cooperation that we can’t see or know about things because they are part of an active investigation.

Speaker McCarthy…(202) 225-2915

That is not true. I also asked why McCarthy wasn’t attending CPAC?!! Did Paul Ryan tell him he couldn’t go? Speaker McCarthy works for us, not Paul Ryan. He needs to face the voters of his party and show up!

So I’m hoping this email is read, although past experience these last two years does not bode well in that direction. I’m telling you folks, we are losing our country and we can start to get it back by exposing their “big lie” and coverup of the ambush of our fellow Americans two years ago when President Trump asked his fellow Americans to go peacefully and let their voices be heard. That is what he said, that is the “TRUTH”.

It’s time for our voices to raise up and be heard and ringing their phones is useful and I know it works. We’ve done this before when they abused our Troops and we won that battle. The battle is bigger now and more dangerous than ever before and the way to start our offense is to begin ringing phones.

So I respectfully ask all who receive this email and read it to please go to your phone and call the Speaker’s office and tell him to give us the damn tapes. They belong to us and he promised to release them.

As Donald Trump said and did so well in his delivery, it’s time for “Promises Made, Promises Kept!”

With A Grandmother’s Heart so worried for our Grandchildren’s future, I pray that all of you will help us begin the fight to take our country back. Please forward this email and thank you in advance for reading this email.

Your Fellow American,

Beverly P.

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