“You’ve Got a Literal Witch Hunt, a Literal Witch Hunt in Georgia” – Liz Harrington on Georgia Grand Jury

Liz Harrington joined The Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio Live this past week.  Liz gave her perspectives on current events and had much to share. 

Liz Harrington is President Trump’s Chief spokeswoman.  She has a wealth of knowledge, especially about President Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio, last week.

In her interview on the Joe Hoft Show at TNT Radio, she shared the following points starting at the 18:00 minute mark in the clip below:

We have an AWOL commander-in-chief.  We don’t have one.  Except he’s kind of meandering.  He’s trying to start World War III.  And meanwhile, we have a real leader, the real leader of the United States in East Palestine, Ohio, yesterday – President Trump just giving support, real leadership, supplies.

I mean just the act of showing up, I think was so important.  I mean you could see it on the faces of the people who are suffering because of this Biden government, this company and this disaster in Ohio.  And President Trump, he’s not even in office and he is causing all of these effects of his leadership.  He forced Pete Buttigieg to show up today, not that he’s really going to help them or do anything…

I just shows you when you have someone who puts America first that real change happens and real results happen.  That was his story of his entire first term.  There were so many incredible things that were accomplished by pretty much sheer will alone…

You’ve got a literal witch hunt, a literal witch hunt in Georgia with this poor women, I mean absolutely insane...

Liz Harrington was referring to the news about the forewoman in the recent witchhunt in front of a Georgia grand jury.

Was the Jury Foreperson in Trump Georgia Investigation a Witch? Here’s Her Disturbing Social Media Account

Harrington continued:

Nobody can replace this type of leadership that President Trump offers…

They couldn’t care less…

Biden’s over there spending our money, it’s our money.  Money that we don’t even have anymore right?  But at the end of the day it’s the American taxpayers that are footing the bill.  But here you have President Trump using his money.

It’s the perfect picture of his first term too because he never took a paycheck.  I mean he’s taken so many hits because of what he did to lead this country and yet he’s still happy to do it.  It’s the perfect contrast of really what the founders envisioned too…

Biden is beholden…he is totally owned.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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