Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Commits Probably The Worst Blunder In Show’s History And Fails To Solve The Easiest Puzzle In The World (VIDEO)

Moments like this remind us all of the failing public education system in America.

A female contestant named Khushi was on Monday’s Wheel of Fortune broadcast. Before her choke job, she had managed some correct guesses to narrow the puzzle down to the final two letters.

The puzzle at the time read FRE TROPICAL FRUIT, missing an “S” and “H”

But Khushi can’t solve it. She instead spins the wheel and asks for an “H,” collecting a bit more money in the process.

Now the puzzle reads FRE H TROPICAL FRUIT. Surely Khushi can solve it now, right?

Wrong. Khushi still does not know the answer and spins once more.

Then disaster strikes.


Fregh Tropical Fruit? A toddler could have done better.

Newsweek has more:

Another contestant called Julianna then stepped in to correctly solve the puzzle as “FRESH TROPICAL FRUIT,” scooping not only $650 but a luxury trip to the Caribbean island of Antigua worth $10,000.

As the dust settled, Sajak attempted to explain how contestants can sometimes be stuck for an answer, even when it appears obvious to viewers.

“You know when that happens and you’re sitting at home, you’re saying, ‘How in the world can that [not be solved]?'” Sajak said. “But, you know, sometimes it’s a word that just doesn’t want to come into focus for you.”

Poor Khushi. The bright side to this whole embarrassment is Pat Sajak reminded us once more that he is a total class act.


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