Watch What Happens When Kamala Harris Enters A Room And Asks The Crowd To Applaud Her (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris is so universally disliked that she made Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment look like an enthusiastic Trump rally yesterday.

Well, maybe that is a bit of stretch. But as one can see, Jeb’s fans eventually did clap.

As The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, Harris spoke to HBCU reporters about the impact “climate change” supposedly has on minority communities.

She ended up almost making Joe Biden look halfway eloquent when she made a stupefying comment about how asphalt “exasperates” heat in urban communities. Harris never explained what she meant by that statement.

Biden’s sidekick then blabbered about how much she loved Venn Diagrams for seemingly the 100th time.

But as bad as those moments were, nothing compared to the abject embarrassment Harris suffered before her speech.

The audience is told to stand as Harris enters the room. Harris greets everyone as she arrives and waits for applause.

She does not get her wish.


Even after Harris tells the audience “You can clap!” they never once do so in the 25 second clip. They only laugh at her.

Americans have been laughing at Harris since she arrived on the national political scene. Even Jeb!


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