WATCH: At Least 517 Voters Left The Long Lines In Maricopa County AFTER Polls Closed On Election Day – Nearly DOUBLE Margin Of Victory In Abe Hamadeh’s Race – Estimated 8,327 Did Not Cast Ballots Due To Tabulator Failures And Long Lines

We The People AZ Alliance’s Shelby Busch presented more findings in the group’s investigation into election mechanics and voter disenfranchisement on Monday in the Arizona Senate Elections Committee.

The committee is chaired by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers.

The Gateway Pundit reported on part one of Busch’s presentation on January 23 and the shocking findings, including Election Day tabulators reportedly rejecting nearly 1/4 million vote attempts on election day and nearly 300,000 mismatched or fraudulent mail-in ballot signatures in Maricopa County’s 2022 Election.

Busch presented more flaws in the 2022 Election this week, including adjudicated ballot discrepancies, Election Day lines and malfunctions that disenfranchised THOUSANDS of voters, shady voter registration modifications, and missing chain of custody on hundreds of thousands of ballots.

View the full PowerPoint presentations here.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on more evidence that voting machines and printers were intentionally programmed to fail Republican voters on Election Day.

At her massive rally on Sunday, Kari Lake showed her supporters the Republican heat map, displayed on the wall at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) before the 2022 election, overlayed  with a map “showing all of the vote centers that were sabotaged on election day.”

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During the presentation Monday, Busch spoke on the long lines and wait times experienced by voters and her group’s discovery that likely OVER 8,000 Republican voters were unable to cast their ballot. It is “provable,” said Busch, that 2,572 voters did not get to cast a ballot on election day.

Busch and her team asked poll marshalls at 13/40 polling locations that had 85 or more people in line at the close of polling and discovered that 4,021 voters were still in line when the polls closed at these sites alone. When compared to data from the Attorney General’s office and Maricopa County poll books, they discovered that only 1,449 people successfully voted. It is likely that 64% of voters in line after 7 pm at the 40 locations did not cast a ballot.

If a voter left the line after 7 pm, they would be unable to vote at another location. Poll workers were trained not to allow voters to vote under any circumstance if they were not in line before 7 pm. 

When this data was extrapolated to cover the 27 remaining locations where poll workers did not remember the exact number of voters waiting in line, Busch’s team estimated that a total of 8,327 citizens were disenfranchised and unable to vote.

At one location, a staggering 675 people were waiting in line to cast their ballot at 7 pm. However, the Maricopa County poll books show only 158 voters checked in after 7 pm, leaving “517 people that were unable to cast a ballot.” This alone is nearly two times the number of votes needed for Abe Hamadeh to win his race!

Similar findings were made at 12 other polling locations where the lines ranged from 85 to 511 voters long.

Abe Hamadeh’s race was decided by 280 votes after a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes was discovered in Pinal County’s recount results. Abe is currently in ongoing litigation against the fraudulent election.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, a judge rejected the RNC’s effort to extend voting hours in Maricopa County, despite the massive machine failures at 59% of voting locations, disproportionately affecting Republican voting precincts. This would have given voters the opportunity to go to another polling location after 7 pm to cast their ballot without waiting in line.

The Arizona Court of Appeals held a closed-door conference yesterday to discuss Kari Lake’s lawsuit against this corrupt election. The Gateway Pundit will provide updates as soon as this information is available.

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Watch Shelby Busch walk State Senators through this new data below:

Busch: There were 40 polls that were reported by the County to have 85 or more people in line at the close of polling. So we focused just on those 40, and we let the rest of them go because if their line was shorter than 85, we can assume everybody maybe made it through the line. So we were able to reach 13 marshals that remembered the exact count at 7 pm and declared to us, ‘Oh, yes, I remember that count,’ and out of those 13 poll marshals, we came up with a total in line, in those 13 locations, of 4,021. But then, when we compared that to the poll books and the AG reports of who actually voted in those same 13 polling centers, between the hours of 7 pm and whatever time that poll closed, only 1,449 successfully voted. So, this is a representation of the number of people that left the line, be it for medical reasons, or they maybe attempted to go to another poll. But 2,572 voters, as reported by the marshals on election day, that’s 64% of the lines, did not get to cast a ballot on election day.

So we took the additional 27, and if we work based on extrapolation, just covering those 40 again, that had 85 or more people, we extrapolated those 40 locations to 8,982 remaining in line at the additional 27. And the voters that stayed to vote were 3,227, for a similar 64% of voters that did not get to vote, totaling 5,755. So if you take the provable people who could not vote in the 13 locations and add it to our extrapolation to just the other 27, that is 8,327 citizens who could not cast their ballot on election day due to the lines and the problems with the tabulators.

Sen. Mendez: Do you think she meant to say probable or that she knows that many people didn’t vote? Because, well, I mean, is she taking into account they went to other voting centers?

Busch: This is only day’s end data that began at 7 pm. If they left the line after being counted, they would not have been received at another Polling Center.

Rogers: So I’m to understand that during the day, if people left, you have no tracking totals of that, correct?

Busch: That is correct. We have no way to track that. The next slide actually outlines the centers that we were able to poll with the polling workers who witnessed the count of the line. We’ll just focus on one. You will be provided a copy of this PowerPoint so you can look at it further. At the Paradise Valley Community College, it was reported the marshal count was 675, and Maricopa data showed 158. Now what we’ve come to learn with the Maricopa data, it’s really not going to be really helpful in this scenario because they only count the people checked in that haven’t been tabulated yet. They don’t count the people standing in line outside. And so when we look at that with the numbers of people that actually cast a ballot on election day, after 7 pm, It leaves 517 people that were unable to cast a ballot. They were standing in that line when the polls closed.

Sen. Rogers: So this is a breakdown per polling location?

Busch: That is correct. The next one shows the additional 27 locations where we made estimates based on our averages on the first 13. So these numbers are not 100% accurate, but they’re based on a fairly large sample out of the 40 that gives us a very high probability that they are within reason.

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