Was the Jury Foreperson in Trump Georgia Investigation a Witch? Here’s Her Disturbing Social Media Account

We already knew Emily Kohrs, the forewoman who led the Georgia grand jury investigation into President Trump and phone call to RINO Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, was a complete loon.

Seriously, just listen to this interview. She’s looks and sounds like a schoolgirl even though she is a grown woman at least in terms of age.

We now may have an answer why she is such a loon. Kohrs is interested in witchcraft.

Her Pinterest under “Try again today” is littered with posts on healing herbs, “witchy plants,” and where to start Wiccan and witchcraft.

Under the “Magic” section, she has posts about potions, casting spells, and demonic circles.

Finally, the “Sacred Science” section has parts on alchemy and wiccan symbols.

On the plus side, Kohrs might just be the ace in the hole President Trump’s defense team needs in order to get a dismissal, especially in combination with her statement on how “”awesome” it would be to subpoena Trump and bragging about how many people will be indicted.

Let’s hope the rule of law prevails in Georgia.


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