STUCK ON STUPID: Florida Freshman Democrat Claims Constitutional Carry Is ‘Fascism’ (VIDEO)

Florida is on the verge of becoming the 26th state to adopt ‘Constitutional Carry’ which would allow citizens to conceal carry a gun without a permit.

According to Rep. Maxwell Frost, a freshman Democrat in the state, this is fascism. Got that? Exercising your constitutional rights is fascism. This is what Democrats have been reduced to.

Frost made the comments on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, because of course he did.

Townhall reports:

Did You Catch the Major Problem With a Dem Rep’s Tantrum About Constitutional Carry?

Pour a drink and pull up a seat for this one because it’s unbelievably stupid and priceless in entertainment value. I can’t even get mad over this outburst from Florida Democratic Congressman Maxwell Frost because the whole thing is just oozing ignorance.

He’s only 26 years old, and I’m not trying to eviscerate the young man. He does have more guts than most, sacrificing his 20s and his privacy for a career in public life, making him susceptible to a slew of political attacks. That comes with being a duly elected member of Congress, and he painted a massive target on his back regarding Florida’s constitutional carry push.

There are arguments against this gun policy. They’re nonsensical, but they exist. Frost fell into the trap that most in his generation fall into when something upsets them: they use words and phrases that are incongruent or irrelevant to the debate. Frost said that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ push to loosen its gun laws to something more in keeping with the Second Amendment is “fascism.”

No, Mr. Frost, fascist governments don’t encourage the right of their citizens to own firearms, let alone carry them in public. If there are people carrying guns, it will be the many agents from the secret police and intelligence agencies that keep everyone in such a society under constant surveillance.

Here’s the video:

For people on the left, particularly young people on the left, fascism has just become a synonym for anything they don’t like. They don’t even know what the term really means.


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