South Carolina State Senator Proposes ‘Yankee tax’ For Northerners Moving There

A South Carolina State Senator has proposed a “Yankee Tax” for Northerners that are flocking to the state.

State Sen. Stephen Goldfinch’s bill, “The Yankee Tax,” would require people moving from other states to pay $500.

“If passed by state referendum, new residents moving from out-of-state to South Carolina would be required to pay two one-time fees, $250 for new driver’s licenses and $250 for vehicle registrations,” Fox Business reports.

The politician told Fox News that his legislation is not to discourage people from moving there but for new residents to “catch up with the rest of us.”

“I’m not trying to build a wall and this is not a fee against new residents it’s a fee for people to catch up with the rest of us,” Goldfinch said.

Goldfinch said the extra money would go towards infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and community spaces.

“I think there’s a rational basis for requiring newcomers to catch up with the rest of us and contribute to the roads, bridges, schools and green spaces that we’ve [residents] always contributed to,” Goldfinch continued.

The report notes that according to the US Census, nearly half a million people moved to South Carolina in the last decade.

“People flocked to the southeast during the pandemic and stayed due to a host of reason including work flexibility, lower taxes, and warmer weather,” the report says.

Goldfinch argued that so many newcomers is diminishing the quality of life for South Carolinians.

“Our quality of life has been diminished by the almost 4 million people that have moved here in the last decade,” Goldfinch said. “And we anticipate another million people moving here in the next decade. Everybody is concerned about their quality of life.”

The politician said that “I find it hard to believe that $250 is going to dissuade anybody from coming.”


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