Sarah Huckabee Sanders Pushing Through Education Reform for Arkansas – Including School Choice!

One of the first things Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing as governor of Arkansas is pushing through much needed education reforms for the state.

Democrats oppose the reforms because they don’t support school choice. They oppose her even though she is increasing teacher pay to make the state more competitive.

This is a huge accomplishment for any governor, but especially a new one.

ABC News reports:

Despite opposition, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders the latest Republican to push ‘school choice’

Like other Republican governors, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is making school choice a high-profile political issue, declaring education reform her “top priority” and first big legislative play since taking office in January.

It’s facing pushback from public school educators and some parents — but Sanders is relishing the fight.

Thirteen days after painting her plan with broad strokes in the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union, Sanders unveiled the text of her much-touted omnibus education reform bill this week. While supporters applaud Republican lawmakers for quickly taking it up, critics are concerned the bill — carrying massive implications on the state’s education system — is being “ramrodded” through the legislature, despite students’ best interests.

“This will be the biggest overhaul in education, I think, anywhere in the country — certainly in my home state of Arkansas — and we look forward to setting the standard on how this can be done right and being a blueprint for other states across the country to follow,” Sanders said in an interview Tuesday on Fox News, dismissing opposition as “the left mad that they’re losing control of the system.”

Sanders recently discussed the reforms on FOX News. Watch:

Sanders is going to be a very effective governor for Arkansas.

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