Report: Top Dems Quietly Preparing For Joe Biden Not Running In 2024

Joe Biden’s presidency has been a disaster.

His agenda has created multiple crises across the globe.

Despite this, he has said he plans on running for President in 2024.

But now there is uncertainty whether he will.

Biden’s advisors had a goal of launching his 2024 bid in February – after missing that goal they are now aiming for an announcement in April.

Trending Politics reported:

Top Democrats are quietly preparing for a potential scenario in which President Biden decides not to run for a second term.

The president’s recent remarks suggest that he is no longer absolutely certain about his plans for 2024, which has left his top aides and potential candidates uncertain and considering a “plan B” option, albeit very quietly. Biden’s closest advisors have been gearing up for months in anticipation of his re-election campaign. However, with the president yet to formally announce his candidacy, the political world is abuzz with speculation about his plans for 2024.

In the past, Biden’s decisions about seeking the presidency have been slow and deliberate, and this time around is no exception. Despite his advisors’ ambitious goal of a February launch, the president has missed that timeline, leaving them to set their sights on April.

The question on everyone’s mind is, what if Biden decides not to run? With uncertainty creeping into conversations about the 2024 election, his potential absence from the race would have major implications for the Democratic Party and potential candidates.

Top Democrats are prepping for the possibility Biden decides not to run.

Democrat Governors JB Pritzker, Gavin Newsom, and Phil Murphy have taken steps towards being ready to run in 2024 if Biden does not.

Democrat Senators Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar have also taken these steps.

If Biden waits too long to announce it would create “doubts and problems” for the party according to Democratic strategist Mark Longabaugh.

Politico reported:

While the belief among nearly everyone in Biden’s orbit is that he’ll ultimately give the all-clear, his indecision has resulted in an awkward deep-freeze across the party — in which some potential presidential aspirants and scores of major donors are strategizing and even developing a Plan B while trying to remain respectful and publicly supportive of the 80-year-old president.

Democratic Govs. JB Pritzker of Illinois, Gavin Newsom of California and Phil Murphy of New Jersey have taken steps that could be seen as aimed at keeping the door cracked if Biden bows out — though with enough ambiguity to give them plausible deniability. Senators like Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar have been making similar moves.

“Obviously, it creates doubts and problems if he waits and waits and waits,” said Democratic strategist Mark Longabaugh, who continues to believe Biden will run — and that he won’t put off a decision for too long. “But if he were to somehow not declare ‘til June or something, I think some people would be stomping around.”

“There would be a lot of negative conversation … among Democratic elites, and I just think that would force them to ultimately have to make a decision,” Longabaugh added. “I just don’t think he can dance around until sometime in the summer.”

If he does run, Biden is going to follow the same plan he had in 2020 – hiding in the basement.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden wants his 2024 campaign headquarters to be located in Wilmington near his Delaware basement.

In 2020 Joe Biden used Covid as an excuse to ‘campaign’ from his Delaware basement.

Joe Biden is expected to announce his 2024 reelection campaign in April.

Biden is unpopular and old so he wants to make sure his campaign headquarters is near his Wilmington home.

He doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with a grueling presidential campaign schedule.

“No decision has been made about where the campaign’s headquarters will be. The president has pushed for Wilmington, his hometown, according to people briefed on internal discussions. But some advisers fear that such a location would make recruitment harder, with younger campaign aides not eager to spend a year in a sleepy, small town. They are pressing instead for Philadelphia, where Mr. Biden’s 2020 effort was based.” The New York Times reported.

Why hasn’t Biden announced he is running in 2024?

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