More Propaganda: Senior Defense Officials Claim Pentagon Blocked China Spy Balloon From Gathering Intel – While Gathering Intel on the Balloon Itself

Who actually believes this garbage?

The propaganda spin machine is working overtime to shield Joe Biden from criticism after he failed to secure US airspace and allowed a China spy balloon to traverse across the country and gather intel on nuclear silos and military installations.

Senior defense officials are now telling their stenographers in the left-wing media that the Pentagon successfully blocked the China spy balloon from gathering intel.

There’s more!

The Pentagon also claims it was able to gather intel on the balloon itself and its equipment.

The Biden Regime propaganda machine after a China spy balloon soared over the country: China didn’t successfully spy on the US, the US successfully spied on China!

Via CNN: Notable: US officials say they were able to block the balloon from gathering intel during its overflight of the US, while the US military was able to turn the tables, so to speak, to gather intel on the balloon itself and its equipment.

So the United States military, the most advanced military in the world, needed a spy balloon to fly over the country for an entire week in order to gather intel on the surveillance apparatus?

The China spy balloon soared over nuclear silos and military installations for a week straight.

Joe Biden knew the high-altitude surveillance balloon entered US airspace in Alaska last Saturday yet he chose to stand down.

Biden told reporters that he ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the spy balloon on Wednesday when it was spotted over Billings, Montana – SEVERAL DAYS after he already knew the balloon flew over Alaska.

But he was told ‘let’s wait for the safest place to do it.’

The spy balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Carolinas at approximately 2:40 pm ET on Saturday.

No serious person believes the Pentagon blocked the spy balloon from gathering intelligence.

No serious person believes the US would need the balloon to fly over the United States in order for the Pentagon to gather intelligence on China’s gathering capability.

Republican lawmakers are now calling for an investigation into the spy balloon scandal.

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