President Trump to Testify and Provide DNA in “Whackjob” E. Jean Carroll Case – Will Call Anderson Cooper to the Stand

President Trump reportedly will provide DNA and will testify in the Whackjob Jean Carroll hearing.  Anderson Cooper will be be asked to take the stand.

What a bunch of criminal gangsters the Democrats have become.  They want power and will do anything to get it.  Anything.

Corrupt Clinton Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed crackpot E. Jean Carroll’s case to move forward against President Trump.  The lady is a whackjob President Trump says.   This same judge is overseeing the FTX case.  This corrupt judge appears to have been picked to oversee this unwarranted case.   It’s not based on facts, when you see Carroll on TV interviews.

REMINDER: Corrupt Clinton Judge Who Allowed Crackpot E. Jean Carroll’s Sexual Assault Case Against President Trump to Move Forward Is Also Over FTX Case

The case is based on the fact that the corrupt Clintons and Obama and their friends who created the Mueller lie don’t want to stop messing with President Trump.

Here is a compilation of E. Jean Carroll’s moments on TV.

President Trump announced that he will provide DNA for the trial and will testify.  He referred to Carroll as a “whackjob”, so his testimony should be fun to watch.

In addition, it’s reported that Anderson Cooper will be asked to take the stand.  After the interview in the video above, we can see why.

President Trump is the victim here.  Whackjob is a whackjob.  The judge is corrupt.   He should have to pay all legal fees everyone incurs for bringing this case forward. 



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