Peter Navarro Releases Podcast Miniseries on Why it is Critical for America’s Future to Win Back the Trump White House

Peter Navarro


Peter Navarro, the author of Taking Back Trump’s America,  has a new six-episode documentary miniseries about why the Republican red wave that was projected to wash over this country in the November 2022 election never materialized.

Navarro goes in-depth to explain why it is critical to win back the Trump White House in 2024 and erase the stain Joe Biden and the Democrats have put on the nobility of the MAGA movement.  The Biden administration is using anything MAGA to punish political dissent.
In the series, Navarro seeks to explain in the clearest of terms what we in MAGA-Land represent and why our path is the path to peace and prosperity.

Navarro is one of only three senior White House officials to serve at the right hand of President Donald Trump all the way from the 2016 campaign to the end of his first term in 2021.

Peter helped craft many of the tough tariffs and sanctions against the Chinese Communist regime and helped advance America First policies at home.

Peter also sounded the alarm on the importance of addressing our borders and brokered agreements to enhance security.

Navarro joined The Gateway Pundit in 2021 to discuss the end of American Democracy if election fraud is not addressed.

During the pandemic, Peter led the charge to out Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Never-Trump duplicity and Fauci’s role in helping the Chinese Communist Party create a deadly viral bioweapon in a Wuhan lab funded by Fauci’s NIH.

The deep state is afraid of him. In June, Biden’s Stasi arrested Peter in a surprise ambush at a DC airport in what was a despicable display of government overreach.

In the new series, Peter shares critical information for anyone who wants to understand what MAGA and the modern Trump movement represents.

Here is episode #1.


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