NOT THE BRIGHTEST: Mitt Romney Hands Over Hundreds Of Private Emails And Texts To Liberal Writer

Mitt Romney bows to his liberal masters whenever he can.

Romney handed over private emails, text messages, and diary entries to a liberal reporter at the Atlantic.

Romney has met with the reporter secretly over the past two years.

Axios reported:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has turned over hundreds and hundreds of private emails, text messages and diary entries to reporter McKay Coppins for a book coming in October — including real-time communications among many of the most powerful figures in American politics, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: This volume of disclosure is unheard of for a major sitting officeholder — a trove historians dream of but rarely get. The emails and journal pages span Romney’s 2012 campaign as the Republican presidential nominee.

Romney originally considered saving the material for a memoir but decided against it, telling Coppins: “I can’t be objective about my own life.”

Romney gave Coppins printouts of hundreds of personal Gmails, and showed him selected text messages on his phone.

He is also going to use the book to smear the GOP.

Romney claims that the Republican party has taken a “slide toward authoritarianism.”

The Guardian reported:

In a new biography, the Utah senator and former US presidential nominee Mitt Romney will reportedly consider the Republican party’s “slide toward authoritarianism” and how he may have helped empower extremists.

According to Axios, Romney considered a memoir but opted to cooperate with Coppins, without editorial control, because he felt he could not be “objective about my own life”.

Coppins, the site said, will now “show Romney himself reckoning with what he considers his party’s slide toward authoritarianism and what role he may have played in empowering the extreme forces within the GOP”.

Will Romney hand over his “Pierre Delecto” Twitter account, too?

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