New York Times Writer Lectures Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution About Oppression

Image: @XiVanFleet/Twitter


New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones is the creator behind the “1619 Project. In a Twitter exchange, Hannah-Jones has the audacity to lecture  Xi Van Fleet on oppression.  Van Fleet, an opponent of CRT,  is a survivor of Mao’s brutal and deadly Cultural Revolution.

The fictitious 1619 Project is a long-form journalism project with writers from The New York Times, and The New York Times Magazine attempting to “reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States’ national narrative.”

The Gateway Pundit has reported on Hannah-Jones labeling whites “barbaric devils” and “bloodsuckers” and comparing Christopher Columbus to Hitler.

Hannah-Jones and Van Fleet exchanged tweets on the issue.

Someone asked me why is Black history, specifically, being targeted. I said it’s because our history has always been political *by definition*: Our very presence on these lands is the greatest rebuke to the narrative of American exceptionalism. We give lie to the lie.

Van Fleet:
Yourself and I, an immigrant from China with 200 borrowed dollars in my pocket when I arrived more than 30 yrs ago, are the proof of American Exceptionalism.

How so. Be specific.

Van Fleet:
Natural rights is unique to American founding. Bc of it we were able to abolish slavery, Jim Crow, anti-Chinese laws … to allow individuals to succeed. What is not unique to America is slavery, which still exists today. Ppl fighting for human rights in China are jailed by CCP.

Ma’am, the idea of natural rights may have been unique, but 1/5th of the population was enslaved at our founding and had no “natural rights.” Further, you do not think protesters in the US face state violence and arrest? You think the US has no political prisoners?

Please watch episode five of the #1619hulu series called FEAR. I’m afraid your vision of America does not match the reality.

Van Fleet:
Mine is not a “vision”. Mine is “lived experience” under the enslavement of Communism, freedom in America, and the current Woke Revolution aiming to undo America. Black Americans are enslaved no more thanks to the persevering principles and humanity of this country.

In the views of many critics, it is an attempt at revisionist historical work.

This isn’t the first time Hannah-Jones has gone after an Asian women.  The Gateway Pundit reported that she sent a  Twitter mob to attack an Asian woman who complained about the surging violence in the New York City subway system.

A tweet pinned to Van Fleet’s Twitter says, “I am deeply thankful. Today 35 yr ago, my dream came true. I was granted a student visa to come to USA. I no longer feel this is the America that I arrived in. She has been under attack by Marxism/Communism that I thought I had escaped from. That’s why I am fighting to save her!”


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