“My Voice Sounds Like Mickey Mouse” – East Palestine Residents Report Shocking New Symptoms After Train Derailment and Toxic Disaster

Residents in East Palestine, Ohio reported rashes and headaches following the massive toxic chemical explosion in their town earlier this month.

State, government, and railroad officials approved a plan to blow up six rail cars of toxic vinyl chloride that formed a mushroom cloud in the sky before it rained down on the city and surrounding area.

Residents reported dead chickens and pets. Dead fish and salamanders washed up in the local stream and river.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources estimated that 44,000 animals have died from the toxic contamination.

Despite reports of illnesses and dead animals, the Biden Regime and local Democrat officials continue to insist the air and water are just fine after the train derailment and toxic disaster.

Now this…

East Palestine residents are reporting shocking new symptoms mere weeks after the toxic disaster.

One local resident told the New York Post his voice “sounds like Mickey Mouse” as if he inhaled helium.

Via the New York Post:

Wade Lovett’s been having trouble breathing since the Feb. 3 Norfolk South train derailment and toxic explosion here. In fact, his voice sounds as if he’s been inhaling helium.

“Doctors say I definitely have the chemicals in me but there’s no one in town who can run the toxicological tests to find out which ones they are,” Lovett, 40, an auto detailer, said in an extremely high-pitched voice. “My voice sounds like Mickey Mouse. My normal voice is low. It’s hard to breathe, especially at night. My chest hurts so much at night I feel like I’m drowning. I cough up phlegm a lot. I lost my job because the doctor won’t release me to go to work.”

Despite his health woes, Lovett and his fiancée, Tawnya Irwin, 45, spent last Thursday delivering bottled water to locals. They picked up new cases outside a home on East Clark Street which has become the heart of East Palestine’s homegrown campaign to fight back against the forces that upended the lives of roughly 4,700 residents and their animals.

Locals are frustrated and furious over what they say has been a lack of real information and help from both local officials and the Biden Administration. Last week, East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway ripped President Biden for heading to Ukraine for a surprise visit instead of the scene of the toxic train derailment, calling it “the biggest slap in the face.”

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