MUST WATCH: Mad Maxine Waters Denies She’s A Socialist But Chip Roy Delivers The BRUTAL Truth By Quoting Her Own Words (VIDEO)

If Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Socialist-CA) were not such a vile figure, one could pity her. Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) on Tuesday delivered one of the grandest routs of a radical-left figure in recent memory.

The verbal beatdown proved so damaging that Waters was forced to denounce her own political beliefs on multiple occasions.

Here is the background from RedState:

The subject of the hearing was a discussion of a resolution titled “denouncing the horrors socialism,” which is sponsored by Rep. Maria Salazar (R-Fla.) and which was introduced on January 25th.

At one point during the hearing, Roy confronted Waters with her own words where she essentially endorsed socialism.

Before he addressed Waters, though, Roy stated that “I was intrigued by an op-ed that I saw not too long ago by a Democrat from Cuba commenting on one of our colleagues, an avowed socialist [AOC], and essentially pointing out the extent to which ‘democratic socialism is a lot like the system my family fled except its proponents promised to be nicer when seizing your business.’”

“That’s the truth,” Roy remarked. “We can talk about these terms as if they don’t matter, but they do. They do matter. They’re actually at the core of who we are.”

“I’ve got one question for the ranking member,” Roy continued, looking at Waters and then his notes. “Ranking member Waters, in a 2008 hearing you said quote, ‘and guess what, this liberal will be all about? This liberal will be all about socializing, would be about basically taking over the government and the government running all of your companies,’ end quote” Roy said.

“Simple question: Do you stand by that statement?”


Waters complained they were “taking up time on basically a non-issue” and denied socialism was happening at all. She then laughably claimed both she and Roy were trying to protect America’s democracy from being disrupted by such socialist forces.

Roy pounced on this reversal by Waters and pointed out she was condemning her own words from 2008.

Waters again contradicted her 2008 self. “I’m not socialist, I’m a capitalist.” She went on to say she just wants to save veterans and protect seniors on Social Security and Medicare.

But like a pit bull, Roy would not let go. He read her words from 2008 back to her again, daring her to commit one last self-own.

“So you disagree with that? You now denounce that statement?” asked Roy.

Waters again obliged and denied once more she was a socialist.

Satisfied with his total victory in the exchange, Roy said he appreciated the response because “one has concerns when we hear statements” like Waters’s 2008 praise of socialism.

This exchange reveals the radical left knows they cannot win elected office outside their bubble because their ideas are toxic with mainstream Americans. The only way they can succeed nationally is by lying and stealing elections.

Every Republican organization should show this exchange to prospective office holders and current ones as well. This is exactly how the right can prevail going forward.


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