“MIRROR IMAGE”: New Election Is Held in Germany After Previous Election Declared Void Citing “Serious Systemic Flaws” and Polling Station Glitches Just Like in Maricopa County, AZ

Newly Elected Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner

The German Capitol, Berlin, recently held a revote after the highest court ordered a new election noting that “organizational chaos reported at hundreds of polling stations around the city last September made the vote invalid,” according to German news station Deutsche Welle.

The new election was held on Sunday, well over a year after “a chaotic 2021 state election that was marred by severe glitches at many polling stations and hours-long lines as some polling places ran out of ballot papers or received ones for the wrong district.”

This is very similar to Maricopa County’s 2022 Midterm election.

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, whose election for Arizona Governor was tragically stolen from her last November, tweeted, calling this a “mirror image” of her own election in Maricopa County.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the corrupt, stolen Maricopa County Elections and the massive voting machine/printer failures that targeted Election Day voters, turning out for Kari Lake and Republicans 3:1. According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh, who testified in Kari Lake’s election trial, broken machines and printers on Election Day “could not arise absent intentional misconduct.”

During a recent rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lake revealed even more evidence that these Election Day failures were intentional by showing the crowd a Republican heat map, which hung on the wall at Maricopa County elections facilities, and comparing it to a map “showing all of the vote centers that were sabotaged on election day.” Oddly enough, the maps lined up perfectly!


Additionally, a presentation in the Arizona Senate Elections Committee revealed Election Day tabulators reportedly rejected nearly 1/4 million vote attempts on election day.

Still, the County contends that only about 17,000 voters were affected by these issues. This is roughly the same margin that Lake’s race was decided by.

Other discrepancies, including missing chain of custody documentation for hundreds of thousands of ballots, Maricopa County’s failure to verify signatures on hundreds of thousands of ballots, and suspicious vote reporting irregularities are also mentioned in Lake’s ongoing lawsuit to overturn the 2022 Midterm Election or hold a new one free from fraud.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the Arizona Court of Appeals held a closed-door conference on February 1 after agreeing to expedite Kari Lake’s lawsuit, which was previously shot down by a weak Maricopa County Judge. Kari Lake said she expects the Court to move quickly, and she has frequently said she will take her case to the Arizona Supreme Court if the Appeals Court does not give a correct and lawful ruling.


Kai Wegner won the revote in Berlin, likely unseating Social Democrat Franziska Giffey and making this the “first time in more than two decades that the center-right Christian Democratic Union emerged as the strongest party in Berlin,” reported AP.

Western Journal reports:

A new election was held in Berlin on Sunday after one conducted in 2021 was declared void due to Election Day irregularities.

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign believes the same should happen in Maricopa County.

Sunday’s election in Germany resulted in the center-right Christian Democrats coming out on top of the left-of-center Green Party and Social Democrats, according to The Associated Press.

Berlin’s highest court ordered a new election in November after “a chaotic 2021 state election that was marred by severe glitches at many polling stations and hours-long lines as some polling places ran out of ballot papers or received ones for the wrong district,” the AP reported.

“Projections showed the center-right Christian Democrats ahead with 27.8 percent of the vote, followed by the Greens with 18.8 percent, and the Social Democrats with 18.7 percent, according to public broadcaster ARD. The final results, along with coalition negotiations, will determine who serves as the mayor and state senators of Germany’s capital.”

Reuters reported that the Christian Democrats did 10 percentage points better on Sunday than they did in the 2021 election, which was plagued by problems.

In November, Judge Ludgera Selting ordered a new election due to the “frequency and gravity” of the mistakes and the “serious systemic flaws” in the preparation for the one held in September 2021, according to Deutsche Welle.

Hundreds of polling stations were impacted by ballot issues, including running out of them and the wrong candidates being listed on them in many locations.

“On November 10, the [German Parliament] decided to have the federal election repeated in 431 of 2,256 Berlin electoral constituencies,” DW reported.

Kari Lake War Room tweeted on Monday, “You’re up next, @maricopacounty.”

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Kari Lake and her fight to save Arizona!

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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