Love is in the Air (Unless You’re a Liberal) – Find the Gift for Your Perfect Match at TGP Shop!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That means sky-high expectations, ridiculous social pressure, and – of course – finding a date if you don’t have one already.

Nobody wants to be left alone high and dry on this special day, or – even worse – be caught empty-handed with our loved ones, so let TGP assist you this time around. Stop weeding through the soy-boy feminist garbage and come find that special gift for your perfect, America-loving match at the TGP Store this Valentine’s Day.

Check out the collection BELOW!

Order by this weekend to receive by Valentine’s Day. Use CODE: RESISTTYRANNY to receive FREE shipping on orders over $100! And use Code VALENTINE for 20% off!

Valentine’s Day Collection:

‘My Heart is BURSTING for You’: Does a special someone in your life have your heart beating out of your chest? If your love is that intense, show it off! And put your lover’s mind at ease by clarifying there’s nothing to worry about because you aren’t vaccinated. Ya know, so there’s no confusion thanks to all of the hearts bursting on account of the experimental jab…

Link to apparel.


‘I’m Falling For You’: Sometimes, there’s that person that makes you so nervous you trip all over yourself and stumble with your words. Kinda like Ol’ Pudding-brain Joe riding a bike! Show them that you are head-over-heels in love with a little help from the crash test dummy faux-president.

Link to apparel.


‘A Tin Foil Hat Type of Love’: Maybe your special someone is that ‘crazy’ type that believes mRNA vaccines are something other than the greatest gift to mankind. Or maybe even (gasp) that Climate Change™ is not going to kill us all. Dare we say, they sound like one of those ‘conspiracy theorists’…. PERFECT! Then this one’s the gift for them. Show off exactly how much that special someone means to you with ‘A Tin Foil Hat Type of Love.’

Also comes in His&Hers!

Link to apparel.


Be my Valentine (No Libs): Cut through the nonsense and make it clear that you need a red-blooded American through and through, not one of those progressive weirdos. Simple and straight to the point: No Libs.

Link to apparel.

And more @ the NEW and IMPROVED TGP STORE!

Reminder: Order by this weekend to receive by Valentine’s Day. Use CODE: RESISTTYRANNY to receive FREE shipping on orders over $100! And use Code VALENTINE for 20% off!

Stay tuned this coming month for more new items to come! 

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