“The Level of White Trash in the Republican Party is Staggering” – Disgusting Democrat Labels Republicans “White Trash” in Rant on MSNBC

James Carville represented himself, MSNBC and the Democrat party perfectly on Wednesday night. 

FOX News reported on James Carville’s disgusting and racist remarks on MSNBC.

Democratic strategist James Carville blasted the “White trashdom” in the Republican Party that he claims was on display during the State of the Union address on Tuesday.

He appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber” Wednesday night to discuss the aftermath of President Biden’s address the prior night during which Biden was audibly booed by Republicans at select portions.

Regarding the times Republicans booed the president, Carville insisted that they were an example of the party’s “White trashdom” on display, particularly singling out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

“Well, you know, I told people, I have a Ph.D. in White trashology, and you saw real White trash on display. Let me say something about Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, she dresses like White trash. She really needs a fashion consultant. I recommend George Santos. He could do a good job of dressing up where she doesn’t announce her White trashdom by her own clothes,” Carville said.

Carville went on to say that “the level of white trash in the Republican Party is staggering”.

Below is the interview with Carville’s racist and nasty remarks.

Carville has always said nasty things. This is why he is invited on far-left Mainstream Media news sites.

He was a Clinton croney during the Clinton years in the White House and was constantly used to attack any mention of corruption related Bill and Hillary.  Next came Obama and Biden and the US has never been the same.

James Carville should never be invited on any Mainstream Media site. He says hateful, rageful, dishonest and racist things.

But then again, that is exactly why media outlets like MSNBC have him on.

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