LA DA George Gascón Suspends Lead Prosecutor Who Handled Transgender Child Molester “Hannah” Tubbs’ Case For ‘Misgendering’ Tubbs by Referring to Him as a Male

“Hannah” Tubbs, the 26-year-old transgender (bio male) child molester who pleaded guilty last January to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl back in 2014 was sentenced to 2 years in a juvenile facility thanks to Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

In 2014, 17-year-old James Tubbs grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat at a Denny’s in Palmdale, California and sexually assaulted her in a bathroom stall.

Since the sexual assault in 2014, James Tubbs ‘transitioned’ to Hannah Tubbs and is now 26 years old.

Gascón didn’t want to send Tubbs to jail because he feared he would be victimized and assaulted over his gender identity.

Tubbs even bragged about working the system and not having to register as a sex offender to his father in jailhouse phone calls via Fox News.

Tubbs was also charged with first-degree murder after authorities charged him in connection with a 2019 robbery in Kern County.

Tubbs was charged with premeditated murder of Michael Clark in Kern County – the body was found in the Kern River in August 2019.

Now this…

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón suspended the lead prosecutor who handled Tubbs’ case for misgendering the accused murderer and child molester by referring to him as a male.

The lead attorney, Shea Sanna, was suspended for five days without pay.

“I was suspended for speaking out against the Gascón Administration,” he wrote in a tweet on Friday. “Misgendering Tubbs while informing them that they were being played is just their excuse for the suspension.”

Fox News reported:

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has suspended the attorney who prosecuted a 26-year-old trans child molester who was accused of identifying as a woman only after DNA evidence linked her to a cold case crime, according to law enforcement sources.

Shea Sanna, who had been the lead prosecutor for part of the case, is accused of misgendering and “deadnaming” the convicted child molester Hannah Tubbs, who is now accused of beating a man to death in the woods with a rock in Kern County.

Sanna has argued in the past that jailhouse phone calls show Tubbs, now 27, was attempting to use gender identity to game the justice system – an argument that sources say made others in Gascon’s office uncomfortable and led to the suspension.

But a month later, Sanna said, after he sent a critical tweet about former Gascon adviser Alisa Blair’s handling of another case, he found himself the subject of a complaint filed on her behalf.

“So it wasn’t when I first ‘misgendered’ Tubbs,” he told Fox News Digital. “She did it in retaliation. Part of it, the reason why I suspended, is because I called out Tubbs to the administration and said I have recordings of him making up the name, gaming the system, joking about it and the date that it was made up. And I had reports where he’s referring to himself as a ‘grown ass man.’”

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