Just Like with Project Veritas Board of Directors – AFLDS Board Tries to Remove Dr. Simone Gold from Organization She Founded to Defend Medical Freedom

Dr. Simone Gold with Frontline Doctors in Washington DC.

For years the Frontline Doctors have courageously stepped forward to protect Americans.
From our previous Gateway Pundit articles the Frontline Doctors spoke out to:
** Stop forced experimental vaccines
** Stop forced experimental vaccines on children
** Stop forced experimental drugs on commercial pilots
** Allow HCQ as permissible and effective treatment for COVID virus
** Stop the use of failed Ebola drup Remdesivir for treatment of COVID
** COVID vaccines can change the timing of the menstrual cycle

In a hostile takeover bid, the AFLDS Board of Directors is attempting to remove Dr. Simone Gold from the organization she founded and worked tirelessly for to defend medical freedom and civil rights.

This is suspiciously parallel to the Project Veritas debacle with James O’Keefe.

The @AFLDSorg Board is comprised of:
• Joey Gilbert
• Richard Mack
• Pastor Jurgen Matthesius

Dr. Gold had entrusted certain individuals with protecting AFLDS while she was enduring an unjust prison sentence, but upon her return, she discovered they had acted corruptly, and attempted to gain operational control of the organization, unjustly trying to fire most of the existing staff—nearly 50 workers, even threatening some with lawsuits.

When Dr. Gold confronted the Board privately and urged them to correct this, they refused and retaliated against her with a public smear campaign of startling false accusations. The dispute is now in litigation; the judge in the case confirmed the allegations against Dr. Gold were false, and advised the Board to find an amicable resolution with Dr. Gold.

Please sign the petition to stand with Dr. Simone Gold and let the Board of Directors know there is no AFLDS without Dr. Gold! #StandWithDrGold

Attorney Sally Wagenmaker is seemingly working behind the scenes to embolden the Board in their destructive aim to eliminate Dr. Gold.

Please also urge Sally Wagenmaker to counsel the Board to #StandWithDrGold and reach an amicable resolution.

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