Hypocrite Don Lemon Praised Hillary, Warren, Klobuchar – But Attacked Nikki Haley for Being “Past Her Prime”

CNN’s Don Lemon has been in the news for the last few days for comments he made about Nikki Haley being past her prime.

The funny thing is, this idea has never stopped Don Lemon from praising women like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and others, who are all Democrats and are all older than Nikki Haley.

And what about Michelle Obama? She is 59 years old. Is she past her prime?

Joseph A. Wulfsohn writes at FOX News:

Don Lemon praised WH hopefuls Clinton, Harris, Warren, Klobuchar, all older than Nikki Haley when they ran

CNN anchor Don Lemon made it clear that he thought Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley “isn’t in her prime,” but he had a much different attitude toward Democratic women who sought the Oval Office.

Lemon cited “Google” to argue Thursday that 51-year-old Haley will have an uphill battle in winning the presidency since women are only in their prime during their “20s, 30s and 40s,” reacting to her comments calling for “mandatory mental competency tests” for politicians over 75 years old.

But the 56-year-old CNN host, who had just been pulled from his solo gig in primetime for a morning show shared with two co-hosts, apparently held a different standard for several female politicians who ran for president, all who were older than Haley when they ran.

Also, all Democrats.

When Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy in February 2019 at 69 years old, Lemon did not comment on whether she was still “in her prime.” Instead, his entire focus was on then-President Trump’s “racist attacks” and “slurs” against Warren, who he famously referred to as “Pocahontas” for her past dubious claims to Native American heritage.

Then of course, there is the obvious example of Joe Biden, who is 80.

Don Lemon may be on his way out at CNN. He was moved from primetime to a morning show that now gets worse ratings than it did before he joined. He has also caused controversy by lashing out at his female co-workers.

If he gets booted from the morning show, where is he going to go? There is nowhere else. His career at CNN is on life support and he knows it. That may be why he keeps shooting himself in the foot.


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